Ropers Sports News | November-December 2022

PAGE 22 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2022 CICA 2022 NOV-DEC/2022 2022 C.I.C.A. Finals Held Oct. 1-2 in Fallon, Nevada #1 - 1.5 winners: 1. Stix Lee. 2. Patrick Mansfield. 3. Chad Sestanovich. 4. Damon Edgmon. 5. Clayton Hiibel. #2 - 2.5 winners: 1. Kade McKnight. 2. Ken DeWitt. 3. Eli Lancaster. 4. Joey MacKnight. Youth headers: 1. Stix Lee 2. Clayton Hiibel 3. Caleb Edgmon 4. Logan Lancaster 5. Damon Edgmon 6. Charlee Sestanovich 7. Leeah Osterhoudt 8. Stella Lee Youth heelers: 1. Clayton Hiibel 2. Stix Lee 3. Caleb Edgmon 4. Damon Edgmon 5. Stella lee 6. Colton Fait #4+ winners: 1. Zalin Arritola. 2. Tommy Lee. 3. Wade Hofheins. 4. Bill Finks. 5. Chad Edgmon. #3 - 3.5 winners: 1. Bruce Corkill. 2. Chance Kretchmer. 3. Wes Tews. 4. Sage Hiibel. 5. Jarrett Peek. October 9, 2022 at Basso’s Arena President JT Bradley called the meeting to order at 9:15 AM Secretary Daphne VanStavern took role. The following directors were present: Doug Young, Sandy Inderbi tzen, Steve Basso, Marlin Russum, Larry McGrady, Billy Armendariz, Eric Cozzitorto, Lisa Jones, Bruce Elliott, Wayne Hicks, Ken Paddock, Bill Horner, Rikki Perezchica, Tres Porter, George Porter, Karen Russell The following guests were present : Joy Perezchica , Jackie Hicks, Mike Williams, Tyson Porter Minutes from the 8/18 meeting were presented and California ACTRA Board Meeting Minutes approved. Financial report: Financial numbers were shared with the board. It looks as though most of our financial goals will be met for the year. All of the State Finals had recordbreaking entry numbers. The bill from the Paso Robles Events Center was very fair and should keep us within our budget. National Director Report: The National Board is working on extending our contract for another three years with the Reno Livestock Events Center and the Nugget. The Livestock Events Center has made some upgrades to their bathroom facilities. The banquet at the Nugget will be on Tuesday night and should be great with more food and a bar. Arena Updates: Dorothy Mosby passed away. Her family hosted ACTRA ropings for many years. Monica Burgess submitted an arena operator application for Lucky B Acres in Hilmar. The application was discussed in detail and denied. 2022 CA Finals Recap: California saw the largest Finals in history at all three of our Finals – record numbers. Parking was a challenge for some people in Paso Robles. If we go back there, we have learned a lot and will definitely improve the parking. The Board was instrumental at all of the Finals to make things run smoothly. Everyone’s hard work is greatly appreciated. The ACTRA booth was helpful in Paso Robles to keep the ACTRA business away from the entry office. The staff at the Paso Robles Events Center was incredible to work with. Numbers: Our board has been making small changes to our number system for many years and it is paying off. There is uniformity and consistency to our process. We have data on every roper and their winnings for the year to help classify them appropriately. We worked hard to accurately number people throughout the summer so that no one had to be moved right before, during or after the State Finals. This was successful and was respected. We plan to have our year-end review in November. Membership: The 2023 season begins November 1st. If members purchase their membership before this date, all ropings since September 5th will count for points and qualifiers for the 2023 Finals. We did raffles at all of the Finals to encourage members to buy their membership for next season. Our goal was to help take pressure off of arena secretaries early in the season so they don’t have to process so many memberships at the ropings. Old Business: Final membership numbers for 2023, 1873 paid members. 2094 total members New Business: Scholarships: Tres Porter reviewed the three applications that were submitted. He presented them to the board and made a motion to award the following: Kayla Allen $500; Hailey Hicks $750; Shaylee Baxley $1000. Election of 2023 Officers: Votes for directors were counted and certified and shared with the board. Results: Region 1: Director Aaron Bean, alternate Stew Lowry Region 2: Daren Lowry, JT Bradley, Sandy Inderbitzen, alternate Joey Sanchez Region 3: Hank Brown, Larry McGrady, Billy Armendariz, alternate Lisa Jones Region 4: Rikki Perezchica, Bill Horner Region 5: Jim Waggoner, George Porter, Karen Russell, Eric Cozzitorto. Region 6: Paul Mullins, Donald Ornellas President, JT Bradley Vice President, Larry McGrady, National Directors, JT Bradley, Bill Horner, Tres Porter Catastrophe Fund: $1,000 will be sent to members in need this month. Meeting adjourned at 10:47 The next meeting will be November 17th via Zoom.

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