Ropers Sports News | November-December 2022

PAGE 24 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2022 Results follow and payoffs are per man: THUR., SEPT. 29 #8.5: 4 for $75 1st go: 1. Dustie Christensen and Mike Christensen, 6.19, $500. 2. Danny Leslie and Tucker Donlon, 6.62, $400. 3. CR Wilken and Mason Hicks, 6.66, $300. Average: 1. Cody Mora and Tucker Donlon, 30.87, $2,200. 2. Ryan Bettencourt and Will Cowden, 33.11, $1,800. 3. Bodi Dodds and Rodney Rivera, 33.30, $1,500. 4. Tyler Jones and Ryan White, 33.39, $1,100. 5. Colt Cowden and Joey Acevedo, 33.68, $800. 6. Bronc Rowland and Joey Acevedo, 34.36, $440. #10.5 HDCP: 4 for $75 1st go: 1. Cutter Machado and Dalton Pearce, 5.84, $500. 2. Blake VanStavern and Andy Holcomb, 5.88, $400. 3. Doyle Hoskins and Joey Acevedo, 5.91, $300. Average: 1. Francisco Cruz and Trey White, 23.11, $2,450. 2. Cutter Machado and Dalton Pearce, 26.06, $2,000. 3. Cobie Dodds and Nathan Scott, 26.80, $1,700. 4. Hank Brown and Will Cowden, 27.65, $1,350. 5. Billy Butler and Paul Mullins, 27.91, California Chapter Finals Records Largest Turnout By Daphne VanStavern California ACTRA Secretary PASO ROBLES, CALIF. – As the dust settles from the California Custom Trailers & Power Sports, 40th anniversary ACTRA California Chapter State Finals, all we can say is, “Wow! That was a blast!” We had so much fun giving away the best in prizes that our state has ever seen! This year was, by far, the largest State Finals that California has ever seen! We ran 2,889 teams over the four days and paid out $400,000 in cash and awards. The payback to our ropers was 93 percent in cash and prizes over the four days – absolutely incredible numbers . We hosted more than 250 people at the banquet on Friday and raised well over $10,000 for our Catastrophe Fund to help members in need, thanks to the generosity of our amazing members. Bonnie Loftus served us a delicious meal, Mark Coulter did a great job as the auctioneer for the live auction, and the Joe Peters Band entertained us all night long We would like to start with thanking the members of ACTRA. We worked hard to produce a quality event and you showed up. The excitement from the ropers as they visited with friends and roped their steers made all of the efforts worth it. And, as we walked around the facility on Sunday night, we were amazed at the cleanliness. It is easy to see how much pride the Paso Robles Events Center takes in maintaining their beautiful facility, and we were very proud to see that our members took pride in it as well. It was immaculate when we left and we credit our members for representing our association so well. Running an event of this size takes quite a crew of people and ours worked their tails off. Steve Simons and crew put in long hours to run 5,250 head of cattle through the chutes. The cattle were great quality and held up well for all of those runs. The office staff was unmatched. Elly Leslie ran the office flawlessly with the help of Jamie Brown and Jennifer Cardoza. Mac Mullins and Brenda Robbins were the absolute best out on the microphone. I don’t know how their voices and chipper personalities held up with those long hours, but they were both smiling the whole time, so thank you ladies. Our flagging crew was superb. Tod Forsberg, Billy Butler, Todd Utterback, and Lee Legasey were sharp through all of the runs. Curtis Jensen with Bullseye Imaging was on hand to capture memories for everyone. He put in some long hours behind the lens and had a few close California ACTRA President JT Bradley and Trevor Messersmith of California Custom present new Honda Quads to the winners of the Super 7 roping, Mike Bettencourt (right) and Trey White (left). Winners of the #4 roping were Brett VanStavern and Blake VanStavern, pictured with Ryan Fowler of Skyline Silversmiths. California ACTRA President JT Bradley presents saddles to winners of the #3 roping, Chad Marcotte and Tyler Willis. calls with roping steers to laugh about. We are grateful that he was able to join us. The amazing Jodi Branco was given the most challenging task of all which was to find everyone a place to park. She worked tirelessly for five long days without knowing how many people to expect, and while the parking situation wasn’t perfect, she did a phenomenal job and we learned a lot about how to improve it for next year. We thank Jodi for her hard work. The directors of this association care deeply about the sport of team roping and all chip in to make the experience great for our members. Give them a pat on the back and a thank you for all they do. The driving force behind this organization and this State Finals is definitely our California ACTRA President, JT Bradley. He was the one with the vision and knowledge to produce this event and we hope everyone knows how much passion, energy, time and effort this man put in to make these Finals so great. He deserves so much appreciation from all of us. We would like to thank the Paso Robles Event Center for welcoming us to their gorgeous facility. It is quite an undertaking to accommodate so many people and horses and they worked tirelessly to make sure the grounds were clean, bathrooms were stocked, the arenas were watered and worked, and they even set up additional stalls on Friday to make sure there was room for every horse. We truly appreciate their staff and hope that we can return in 2023. Last but certainly not least, we must thank our sponsors. An event of this size wouldn’t be possible without their generous support! 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