Ropers Sports News | November-December 2022

PAGE 50 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2022 Circle N Arena, Fairlea Ranch & Hoke Evetts Memorial Photos by Karen Russell TULARE and EXETER, CALIF. – Labor Day weekend ended Circle N Arena’s Friday night ropings and brought the Fairlea Ranch ropings to a close. As always, Jim and Karen Waggoner run a tight ship and this summer was no exception They would like to thank Kate and John Hyde for the wonderful Fairlea facility, the Fairlea crew for always having everything in tip-top shape, and everyone that came out this summer for rolling with the punches (especially when the sound broke, and the announcer had to use a bullhorn!). Special thanks go to our outstanding chute crew (which sometimes included Karen), and our office ladies Kristin and Nancy. It was a hot night for the annual Hoke Evetts Memorial Roping on September 2, but that didn’t discourage 200 teams from showing up to rope. The cattle were tough, but these teams were tougher and, after all was said and done, Rafael Casian and Mike Fontes walked away with the Skyline buckles and split the cash for High Money. Billy Butler and Juan Jimenez placed second, taking the Skyline stirrups. Placing in the average were Jamie Fontes and Matt Schieltz in third, Bodi Dodds and Cole Dodds in fourth, Dominic Patino Jr. and Caleb Twisselman in fifth, and Kyle Lockett and Cliff Garrison in sixth. Fast time in the Go went to Cutter Machado and Kyle Lockett with a 6.66. Go places included Kelly Barker and Gavin Cardoza in second, Kyle Lockett and Clayton Moore in third, and Cutter Machado and Jason Johe in fourth. Sunday, September 4, was the final roping in the Fairlea Roping series. The facility was beautiful and cool as usual, and folks were ready to get to roping. Ernie Cardoza and Tommy Rogers made it to the top in the #5.5 roping, and took home the Skyline buckles. The #4 winners were Tony Perry Jr. and Randy Pennebaker, followed by Clayton Greynolds and Sutton Lockett in second. Winners in the #3 roping were Sutton Lockett and Chase Grantham, followed closely by Blevins Lockett and Ernie Cardoza in second. This year’s ropings at Circle N and Fairlea Ranch were successful and fun because of all the ropers that came out to compete. Thank you for coming out for a good time every time. Results of the end of summer ropings at Fairlea Ranch Hoke Evetts buckle winners, from left to right: HP Evetts presenting, Mike Fontes and Rafael Casian, along with Houston Evetts, George Evetts and Jim Waggoner. Houston Evetts (left), H.P. Evetts (c) and George Evetts (r) present stirrups to Juan Jimenez and Billy Butler, second in the average in the Hoke Evetts Memorial Roping. Fairlea Ranch #4 winners, left to right: Terry Holliday, Karen Dias, Dawsyn Ozcoidi, Tyler Willis, Kate Hyde of Fairlea Ranch, Tony Perry Jr., Justin Rogers, Jamie Havard, Jim Waggoner of Circle N Arena, and Clayton Greynolds. Fairlea Ranch #3 winners (continued) left to right: Jim Waggoner (r) presents awards to Morgan Hatton and Rance Alviso. Fairlea Ranch #3 winners: Kate Hyde (r) presents awards to Jack Forzano, Karen Russell and Ernie Cardoza. Fairlea Ranch #5.5 winners, left to right: Ron Oswalt, Brian Blaswich, John Vincent Jr., Dave Sturgess (kneeling), Tommy Rogers, Kate Hyde of Fairlea Ranch, Ernie Cardoza, Jim Waggoner of Circle N Arena, Clay Scott and Seth Sweeney. held September 4 follow: #3 ROPING: 3 for $25 1st go: 1. Sutton Lockett and Chase Grantham, 7.07, $40. 2. Justin Lawrence and Chase Grantham, 8.37, $25. 2nd go: 1. Zoe Ekk and Craig Ainley, 7.53, $40. 2. Morgan Hatten and Kevin Endres, 9.36, $25. Average: 1. Sutton Lockett and Chase Grantham, 19.35, $215. 2. Blevins Lockett and Ernie Cardoza, 19.37, $160. 3. Morgan Hatten and Jim Waggoner, 22.89, $105. 4. Morgan Hatten and Rance Alviso, 25.89, $50. The buckle winners were Morgan Hatton and Ernie Cardoza, Weaver headstalls with Skyline silver went to Morgan Hatton and Rance Alviso, Best Ever Pads went to Morgan Hatton and Karen Russell, and the gift certificates went to Justin See FAIRLEA RANCH On Page 51

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