Ropers Sports News | November-December 2022

PAGE 52 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2022 Over $100K Paid To Ropers At 7th Annual Average Joe Finals PASO ROBLES, CALIF. – The 7th Annual Average Joe Finals was another barn burner with a huge turnout, great payout and prizes. The action took place November 4, 5, 6 at the RCR Arena. The weather was perfect and the rain held off until the day after the roping was over. Roping hosts, Danny and Elly Leslie, along with their wonderful sponsors were able to give awards to winners of all events as well as added money in the Breakaway and Open Ropings. Best Ever Custom Pads supplied four saddles throughout the weekend as well as eight of their beautiful saddle pads. Results and payoffs are per person. FRI., NOVEMBER 4 BREAKAWAY: 3 for $150, 78 entries 1st go: 1. Haleigh Grant, 2.51, $500. 2. Trista Reid, 2.68, $250. Short go: 1. Nic Tsosie, 2.62, $150. Average: 1. Sage Pearce, 9.91, $2,600 plus custom rope can with Emerson Rose Leather strap, Charlie One Horse Hat, courtesy of Resistol. Sage also qualified for the 2022 Rope For The Crown. 2. Sage Pearce, 10.64, $2,200, plus Relentless Boots, Cactus rope and Platinum. 3. Grace Lopez, 10.95, $1,700 and Cactus Rope. 4. Nic Tsosie, 11.30, $1,300. 5. Trista Reid, 6.76 on two, $870. ALL GIRL: 3 for $50, 125 teams 1st go: Grace Perez and Nikki Clarot, 6.87, $350 plus Platinum. 2. Kennedy Gamble and Sage Pearce, 7.76, $240. Average: 1. Casey Yates and Ali Bilkey, 28.91, $980 plus Relentless Winter Blankets. 2. Sara Brewen and Alison Grantham, 31.85, $800 plus Average Joe jackets. 3. Fallon Ruffoni and Braydee Bourdet, 32.68, $630. 4. Hannah O’Connor and Riley Prewitt, 35.22, $460. 5. Haleigh Grant and Melody Hutchins, 40.32, $300. 6. Marcey Chaves and Lacey Bourdet, 40.98, $170. MIXED: 3 for $50, 132 teams 1st go: 1. Cody Mora and Bob Brown, 5.10, $380 plus Platinum. 2. Derek Hee and Dalton Pearce, 5.13, $250. Average: 1. Wyatt Bourdet and Emitt Bourdet, 16.69. $1,060 plus Best Ever Pads. 2. Cody Mora and Rob Donlon, 21.36, $880 plus Average Joe jackets. 3. Wyatt Bourdet and Jarret Peek, 21.84, $700. 4. Sara Brewen and Carl Wilken, 22.37, $510. 5. Mckenna Wood and Colby George, 23.0, $330. 6. Meghan McNulty and Lee Whitney and Beth Hitchcock and Tucker Bourdet, 24.36, $90 each. JR NFR #9.5: 4 for $150, 22 entries 1st go: James Mann and Eli All Girl champions were Casey Yates and Ali Bilkey. They beat 124 other teams to pocket $980 each. Edgar Machado was the Saturday High Money Winner and won a Best Ever Saddle. Presenting are Colton White, Danny Leslie and daughter Lilly, Edgar’s son EJ, and Ryan White. Blake Cronin and John Flook were the winners of the #10.5 NFR Arena average and they won $1,120 and Yeti ice chests. Sage Pearce had a great Friday at the Average Joe Finals. She not only won first and second in the Breakaway Roping, she added some team roping money from the All Girl on the way to winning the Best Ever Saddle as the high money winner of the day. Haleigh Grant and Tanner Patino were the winners of the 10.5 Big Arena Roping, winning $2,090 each. Cutter Machado and Tucker Donlon were the winners of the #10 6-Steer average and were awarded Best Ever Saddles. Danny Leslie and Ryan White presenting. See AVERAGE JOE FINALS On Page 54

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