Ropers Sports News • November 2019

Joe and the staff from the Farmers Den did an outstand- ing job on the dinner menu. Big smiles all around. Just as dinner was finishing up, Larry McGrady and Mar- lin Russum got the Year-End awards presentation started. The Year-End Program had a total of 174 awards valued at over $80,000! The evening ended with the Catastrophe Fund Auction. The Auction generated over $4,200. Thanks to all the do- nors and buyers. We want to thank the setup crew of Teena Blair, Ellen St. Clair, Sandy Inderbitzen, Vikki Sweeney and Brayden Sweeney. The hall looked fan- tastic. Special thank you to Shelly Kuhn and Amanda Amis for taking care of the books. Another special thank you to Don Brumley for coming up to Chowchilla just to han- dle the auctioneering. Saturday morning the #5.5 got underway. This roping drew 523 teams, the biggest roping of the Finals. The champions of this roping were Travis Kent and Eli Green, who split $6,450 in cash and won championship Cactus trophy saddles. The average paid 15 places. The #3 roping was the next roping and drew 255 teams. It was the team of Robert Lea and Dan McGinn who would take the victory lap in this one, they picked up cham- pionship Cactus saddles and split $4,780. What a great day of roping! The last roping of the day was the Ashley Escobar All Girl. It drew 64 teams. Brandy Joseph and Melody Hutchins would take home the beautiful Skyline buck- les and split $1,280 in cash. Great roping ladies. Sunday morning the #4 drew 379 teams. Before the roping got started the ropers took some time to pay trib- ute to ACTRA Founder Pat Honeycutt who passed away recently. Team ropers lined the entire length of the arena as a steer was turned out in Pat’s honor. Many of Pat’s ideas are alive and well to this day. The final chapter of the California ACTRA Finals saw Chase Helton and Eli Green take home the champion- ship Cactus saddles in the #4 Roping on Sunday, splitting $6,960 in cash. One of the best California Finals in recent memory. Now it’s time to thank all those who made these Fi- nals a tremendous success. At the top of the list are the members, without them there OPERS PORTS EWS O FFICIAL P UBLICATION O F : • California ACTRA • California $hoot-Outs • NCJRA By Mike Sweeney ACTRA Business Manager CHOWCHILLA, CALIF. – The California Chapter Finals got started in Chowchilla on September 19 with the #8.5 Roping. It was Karen Dias and Frank Perez who would make the victory lap and split $4,680 and win trophy Cactus cham- pionship saddles. There were 185 teams en- tered in the #10.5 Handicap Roping. It was Tanner James and Danny Leslie who would take that victory lap. They too would win Cactus trophy saddles certificates and split $4,480 in cash. The last roping of the day was the Open rop- ing, where CJ DeForest and Wyatt Hansen would take the top spot splitting $3,310 and $1,000 in memory of Bobby Blaswich. While the Open Roping was going on in the main arena, 24060 N. Ray Rd., Lodi, CA 95242 • 209-333-2924 • • NOVEMBER 2019 V OL . 51, N O . 12 $2.50 “The Original Team Roping Publication” Postage Pre-Paid TIME DATED MATERIAL – DO NOT DELAY ACTRA California Chapter Finals 2,214 Teams Compete For Over $300,000 In Cash & Awards Wyatt Gibbs (second from right) and Dan Williams, Sr. (second from left) were the winners of the Century #8 Hdcp. held Sept. 20 at the ACTRA California Chapter Finals in Chowchilla. Presenting their saddles are ACTRA Directors Larry McGrady (l) and Bryon Abshire. the first ever Girls Breakaway Roping was going on in the second arena. This was some- thing new for ACTRA and was very well received. Stealing the show was Woodlake’s Kai- den Ayres. Kaiden would put a total of $500 in her pocket for winning the open. This could just be the beginning of a great partnership between ACTRA and girls breakaway ropings. Friday morning the Century Roping took center stage. It was the team of Wyatt Gibbs and Dan Williams Sr. who would pick up the Cactus championship saddle certifi- cates and split $4,520 in cash. The Super 7 Roping was next and saw 376 teams en- tered. It was Buster Berna and Kent Hirdes who would beat out the team of Ryan Betten- court and Walt Rodman by .01 of a second. Buster and Kent would take home the Cactus championship saddle certifi- cates and split $6,930 in cash. The roping ended just in time for people to make their way to the banquet. Jeff and Travis Kent and Eli Green (who also won the #4 roping) were the winners of the #5.5 roping at the California Chapter Finals. Presenting are Gus Rodriguez of Cactus Ropes & Saddlery (l) and ACTRA Director Larry McGrady (r). See CALIFORNIAACTRA FINALS On Page 4

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