Ropers Sports News • September-October 2022

PAGE 12 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2022 Layton & Les Oswald Win Oakdale 10 Steer OAKDALE, CALIF. – The Oakdale 10 Steer was another great roping despite the heat. Ropers still came out to compete and support the oldest 10 Steer still going. The 10 Steer had 19 teams come back to the short round and 16 teams ended up catching all 10 with a “10 Steer” ball cap to prove it. The average winners were Layton and Les Oswald. We had 50 dummy roping contestants with neat prizes in all three divisions (1st buckles, 2nd spur straps, 3rd ropes, 4th hats). All buckaroos received a goody bag filled with sunglasses, squirt guns (for the heat), bubbles, poppers, snacks and candy. We hope to keep the added money for years to come to help draw the ropers to “the Cowboy Capital of the World.” We could not do any of this without our sponsors and the CTRA board. Our board openhandedly donates their time and energy to put on a successful family-friendly roping weekend. All generous sponsors provide funds for awards, giving the next generation a “swing” at a one-of-a-kind roping. Thank you to all our sponsors: Kyle Lockett (second from left) and Daniel Green (center) won the Leo Camarillo Memorial Open Roping. They are pictured with Leo’s children. Century Roping winners were Vern Serpa and Joe Robinson. Bo Bacigalupi presenting their buckles. Layton and Les Oswald were the winners of the 10 Steer average with 103.20 seconds on 10 to win $2,975 plus saddle certificates. Winners of the Phil Stadtler Memorial were Wyatt Hammerstron and Anival Guerreo. Presenting their saddle gift certificates are members of the Stadlter family. Colt Piazza and Joseph Shawnego were the winners of the Jr.-Sr./Mixed Roping. Alissa Erickson won the breakaway roping this year, she actually won first and second and took home over $1,500. Pictured with the Bacigalupi family. See OAKDALE 10 STEER On Page 13

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