Ropers Sports News • September-October 2022

PAGE 26 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2022 California’s Richest... From Page 1 Chelsey Bushnell showed off her awesome roping skills to win first and second in the All Girl Roping on her way to being named high money of the day. – Phil Doyle Photo Hayleigh Grant was awarded the Fast Time Buckle in the Breakaway Roping by Stacey Porteur, buckle sponsor, and Danielle Porteur Johnson. – Phil Doyle Photo Nic Tsosie won the breakway championship at the California’s Richest All-Girl Roping. – Phil Doyle Photo Rob Smets and Sami Jo Smith were on hand to assist with the WRWC and WCRA partnerships with roping producer Danielle Porteur Johnson. – Phil Doyle Photo Fast Time Buckle of the Day in memory of Blaire Strohn, a beloved cowgirl from San Benito County. Anyone that knew her knew she was coming for you when she backed in the box so it was only fitting to give a Fast Time buckle in her honor at her hometown arena. This buckle was donated by Brennan and Stacey Porteur and designed by A&R Buckles. Haleigh Grant rode away with this prize for her fast time of 2.41 seconds. Our team roping had some tough competition but Rylee George and Chelsey Bushnell were the 2022 California’s Richest Champion Team Ropers. Each lady earned $1,383 and a saddle for their average of 38.18 on 4 rounds. Chelsey was also the high money winner of the day earning her a brand new dummy sponsored and donated by Heel-O-Matic. With checks paid to round winners and special incentives in the Breakaway (17/under and 40/over) as well as the Team Roping (#4 Incentive) there were plenty of winnings to go around. But, we wouldn’t be able to award so many talented ropers without our sponsors. We’d like to send a sincere appreciation for our partnership with Cactus Ropes, Cactus Saddlery, Cactus Gear, Heel-OMatic Training Systems, Charlie 1 Horse, and Best Ever Pads for providing such an amazing prize line to our contestants, we appreciate your continued support and thank you for the prestigious awards! With such generous sponsors, all contestants also received a California’s Richest ball cap at check-in sponsored by Wire Works Custom Jewelry and LubriSyn HA. Thank you to all the sponsors who continue to support us: Winchester Western Wear, Advantage Truss, MY Cars, Vineyard Rock Products, Brent Redmond Transportation, Michelle Perry Realtor, Shadle Insurance, Certis Biologicals, A.R. Buckles, Ropers Sports News, Protect the Harvest, Java Express, Cerones European, LubriSyn HA, B&S Supply, San Benito Roofing, RJR Recycling, McLaughlin Hay, Bradley Builders, Diaz Liquors, Curt Nelson, Jamie Pura, Wire Works Custom Jewelry, R&R Labor, Horse Guard, Crown, HayChix, Porteur Ag, Charlie 1 Horse, Heel-O-Matic, Cactus Ropes, Cactus Gear and Cactus Saddlery. Many of these businesses have been with us since the beginning of our seven year history. Our sponsors are an integral part of the success of this event. We would like to give some well-deserved shout outs to the people behind the scenes. Elly Leslie and Colleen Enk, thank you for being top notch office help and keeping things on task in the office. We’re so grateful that Rob Smets, World Champion Bull Fighter, was also able to join us back in California (just 30 minutes from his hometown) to announce and assist with our WRWC and WCRA partnerships. In 2022, we also had the pleasure of hosting Phil Doyle Photo. If you joined us this year, be sure to check out and support our photographer just like they support our craft. To all our chute help and volunteers, we absolutely cannot run an event this smoothly without you. We appreciate your help in and outside of the arena. Last but not least, thanks to all the women ropers who traveled from all over to join us this year. We had girls enter from Texas to Canada and it means so much to us that even when there’s a bit of travel involved, women ropers from around the country come together to join us in Tres Pinos each year. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check out our website ( for the latest updates, dates and more regarding our roping in 2023. California’s Richest will continue to grow, refine and rally to align with our mission: Give women ropers the chance to win big on the West Coast by providing exceptional prizes and payouts. If you’re interested in joining our lineup of sponsors, please don’t hesitate to reach out to For other questions or inquiries: or (831)801-4290. We look forward to seeing you all next year! Results follow and all payouts are per roper: SAT., AUGUST 6 #8 HDCP: 3 for $40; 90 teams 1st go: 1. Kawohi Schutte and Gary Ford, 7.57, $165. 2. Frankie Eubanks and Charles Hagens, 8.05, $110. Average: 1. Blake Fortuno and Lee Legasey, 20.24, $624. 2. Jacquelyn Curto and Joe Spencer, 22.55, $468. 3. Ashley Hagens and Charles Hagens, 25.64, $312. 4. Leslie Davenport and Wyatt Wilson, 26.80, $156. #5 HDCP: 3 for $40, 96 teams 1st go: 1. David Porteur and John Flook, 5.64, $210. 2. JT Bradley and Ward Fuhlendorf, 7.28, $140. Average: 1. Kawohi Schutte and Charles Hagens, 30.11, $795. 2. Dina Cupit and John Flook, 32.21, $596. 3. Ashley Hagens and Charles Hagens, 32.87, $397. 4. Lizzie Christlieb and Will Jones, 36.25, $198. MIXED: 3 for $40, 67 teams 1st go: 1. JT Bradley and Gary Ford, 7.10, $154. 2. Leslie Davenport and Wyatt Wilson, 8.05, $103. Average: 1. Stacey Brooks and John Wiersma, 26.72, Danielle Porteur Johnson was the 40 & Over Breakaway champion. – Phil Doyle Photo $732. 2. Hank Brown and Ward Fuhlendorf, 30.16, $439. 3. JT Bradley and Gary Ford, 31.58, $292. SUN., AUGUST 7 BREAKAWAY: 56 entries 1st round: 1. Rylee George, 3.27, $955. 2. Josie Pereira, 3.32, $715. 3. Miley Bunting, 3.40, $475. 4. Haleigh Grant, 3.50, $240. 2nd round: 1. Haleigh Grant, 3.14, $955. 23. Shaylee Baxley, 3.37, $715. 3. Josie Periera, 3.38, $475. 4. Jayda Staley, 3.44, $240. Shor t round: 1. Si enna Radelfinger, 3.16, $350. Fast time of the day in memory of Blaire Strohn: Haleigh Grant, 2.4, buckle. 17 & under Incentive: 1. Sadie Grant, 19.05, $430. 2. Beth Hitchcock, $350. 40 & over: 1. Danielle Porteur Johnson. 2. Kati King. Average: 1. Nic Tsosie, 17.91, $3,250. 2. Sadie Grant, 19.05, $2,705. 3. Beth Hitchcock, 19.99, $2,165. 4. Brooke Jackson, 20.00, $1,620. 5. Emerson Periera, 20.45, $1,030. ALL GIRL ROPING: 154 teams 1st go: 1. Toni Miller and Rikki Perezchica, 8.38, $570. 2. Karen Dias and Dakota McCurley, 8.40, $340. 3. McKenna Wood and Summer Tex, 8.68, $225. #4 Incentive: 1. Beth Hitchcock and Jaycee Tweedy, 34.46, $910. 2. Toni Miller and Ashley Hagens, 39.57, $605. Average: 1. Rylee George and Chelsey Bushnell, 38.18 on 4, $1,380. 2. Markie Battaglia and Chelsey Bushnell, 41.31, $1,085. 3. Dana Aviles and Rikki Perezchica, 45.92, $890. 4. Markie Battaglia and Alison Grantham, 48.21, $690. 5. Beth Hitchcock and Jaycee Tweedy, 34.46 on 3, $395.

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