Ropers Sports News | September-October 2023

PAGE 10 ROPERS SPORTS NEWS SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2023 ONTARIO, CALIF. – Southern California Shootouts is going strong! After the Labor Day weekend ropings, it was so good to see the support back in our Southern California arenas. We finally had good weather, good cattle, good times and great people after Hurricane Hillary forced us to reschedule the August 20th roping in Riverside to Callus Palms Arena in Ontario on September 4th. The next Southern California Shootouts roping is September 24 at CRC in Temecula. Results follow and payouts are per man: SUN., SEPT. 3 #8.5 P/D 1st go: 1. Deanna Castle and William Maxwell, 36.10, $710. 2. Shelley Lunde and Rob Bishop, 36.49, $621. 3. Melissa Brooks and Alfredo Huizar, 41.76, $43. LADIES & LEGENDS HDCP P/D 1st go: 1. Craig MacIver and Russ Lien, 10.81, $75. Average: 1. Robert Reed and Rob Bishop, 43.77, $517. 2. Robert Reed and Will Jones, 50.86, $445. 3. Craig MacIver and Russ Lien, 17.86 on 2, $320. MON., SEPT. 4 #11 HDCP DOWN P/D: 3 for $60 1st go: 1. Mikey Rogers and Colby George, 6.85, $90. 2. Joseph Rocha and Cody Casner, 7.28, $60. Average: 1. Carlos Perez and Alfredo Huizar, 20.59, $980. 2. Joseph Rocha and Cody Casner, 22.70, $730. 3. Mary Maxwell and Alfredo Huizar, 23.77, $490. 4. Fernando Real and Luke Real, 32.99, $250. #8.5 P/D: 3 for $60 1st go: 1. Luke Real and Cano Gonzales, 6.88, $300. FALL CLASSIC Sept. 24th USING GLOBAL HANDICAP NUMBERS. MUST HAVE A WSTR OR GLOBAL HANDICAP CARD TO ROPE. MUST BE A MEMBER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SHOOTOUTS TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR AWARDS. MEMBERSHIPS ARE $60 FOR THE YEAR. MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE AT THE ARENA. LUCKY #11.5 HANDICAP WARM-UP HANDICAP PICK OR DRAW - 3 FOR $60 2/3 CASH & PRIZE PAYBACK 1 SECOND DOWN. (ROPER CAPPED AT #6 BOTH ENDS) WRANGLER SUPER #6 PICK 1, DRAW 1 ROPER CAPPED AT A #3 - 2 FOR $150 1ST & 2ND IN AVERAGE PLUS THE HIGHEST PLACING DRAW TEAM WIN BUCKLES 3RD & 4TH IN AVERAGE WIN ROPE BAGS **CANNOT WIN 2 PRIZES IN THE #6** 2/3 CASH & PRIZE PAYBACK #8.5 PICK OR DRAW (NO CAPS) TEAM CAPPED AT #8.5 - 3 FOR $60 #7 PICK OR DRAW (NO CAPS) TEAM CAPPED AT #7 - 3 FOR $60 DAVID $ BROWN SPONSORS MISS YOUR 1ST IN THE #6, ROPE IN THE D$B ROUND FOR 1ST & 2ND BUCKLES - SPONSORED BY D$B AND DALE CHAVEZ 2/3 CASH & PRIZE PAYBACK 2/3 CASH & PRIZE PAYBACK CATTLE SUPPLIED BY SHANNON FINCH ROPES GALORE TRAILER WILL BE ON-SITE! ENTER AN ADDITIONAL 3X CPCALLUS PALMS RANCH ARENA & PRESENTS: 951-741-5316 408-640-6026 California Ranch Company 43101 ANZA ROAD, TEMECULA, CA 92592 SIGN UP 8 TO 9AM - ROPE AT 9:30AM The #6 D$B go-round winners were Tyler Sobiesak, Tyler Smith, Bob Morrison, Jared Xepolis, Shelly Keeling and Beau Nichols. The #6 average winners were Collin Kroel, Bob Morrison, Beau Nichols, Jared Xepolis and Alejo Barron. #8.5 winners from left to right: Craig MacIver, Russ Lien, Alfredo Huizar, William Maxwell (first) Deanna Castle (first), Rob Bishop, Melissa Brooks and Shelley Lunde. Hurricane Forces SoCal Shootouts To Reschedule Roping Ladies and Legends winners from left to right: Russ Lien, Will Jones, Craig MacIver, Robert Reed (saddle winner) and Rob Bishop. See HURRICANE FORCES On Page 11

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