Ropers Sports News • Sep-Oct 2021

P AGE 40 R OPERS S PORTS N EWS S EPTEMBER -O CTOBER 2021 Choose the one that’s right for you! Designed specifically to help ropers and barrel racers improve their times and performance! • Each bit has a different power and pressure points for the horse’s mouth. Some are new pressure points to the industry and will get different reactions. • Each bit has calculated leverage to distribute weight to hindquarters. • Call Les for advice on bit selection: • The Collector • Double swivel mouthpiece • Some tongue pressure • Very flexible • The Adjuster • Powerful bit to help you regulate speed and create respect • The Starter • Mouthpiece similar to a snaffle • Low power • Extreme flexibility • Also popular with Barrel Racers • The Negotiator • High port solid mouthpiece bit • Helps create a huge amount of rate • The Sidewinder • Wide chain port bit • The Developer • Narrow chain port • Very flexible • Helps your horse relax THE ORIGINAL SIX These mouthpieces combined with perfectly calculated bit leverage positions make FAST TIME BITS very unique........... $ 149 95 ea (includes Curb – Adjustable Chain) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! No More Busy Signals From Your Horse Creating Better Performance By Design • The Wonder Curb • Attention getter • Will not cut or leave marks on horse Price $40 If you order a bit(s), price is only $20! Be Sure To Send Us Your Win Photo While Using A Fast Time Bit And Receive A FREE BIT! * Limited to one bit per customer. Six Unique Mouthpieces That Graduate In Power For Your Horse. To Order: www. lesvogt .com or call (805) 455-0162 Bits Don’t Make Great Horsemen... Great Horsemen Make Great Bits! Fast Time Bits Will Take You To The Pay Window! Designed by 15-Time World Champion LES VOGT & Specifically Designed To Help Ropers & Barrel Racers Improve Their Times & Performance _____ Master Series Roping Bit Collection _____ Master Graduate #LVRB3 Leverage Position 2.5 $ 149 95 Master Interpreter #LVRB8 Leverage Position 1.5 $ 149 95 Drop N Stop #1136 Leverage Position 3 $ 149 95 NEW Master Next Level #LVRB6 Leverage Position 2.5 $ 149 95 Master Qualifier #LVRB5 Leverage Position 2 $ 149 95 Smooth Run #11201-95v Leverage Position 3 $ 149 95 NEW I have been using Les’ bits for three years now. Before, I’ve always just bought random bits from random makers and never stuck with just one. There are a lot of bit makers out there but hardly any of them are a master in horsemanship. With Les being a master horseman and roper it is the best combination for anyone who wants to get the most out of their horsemanship in either area. Les doesn’t give me free bits or pay me to use them but I do spin him some steers to get some information out of him, if I didn’t see results with these bits then I definitely would not use them! I train around 8-10 rope horses a day, mostly other roper’s horses, so I get mostly green broke and problem horses. I need different bits for all these different horses situations. MATT ROBERTSON NFR Qualifier Three NFR Rounds Wins PRCA Overall Rookie Of The Year PRCA Head Horse of the Year NIRA World Champion THE STARTER. This is bar-none the most effective snaffle I’ve ever used. I love it for young horses in the first few months of rope horse training. It is not an aggressive bit but it has lots of feel and horses respond very well considering how comfortable it is.

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