It is such a busy time of year. Parents are getting their kids back to school, sending them off to college; football’s starting, and summer rodeo season is winding down. Last week, we had a list a mile long of little things that needed to be done.

And then, time stopped for our family. Jennifer called me to tell me to stop what I was doing and come home. My nephew, Sawyer’s 3-month-old baby had passed away. Suddenly that list disappeared. Nothing else mattered.

This last week has been awful. To watch a young couple close to you lose their sweet baby girl brings unspeakable sorrow. But several things have prevailed and will continue to help in the healing. First, God prevails. His presence has been strong. He works in amazing ways to provide comfort. Family prevails. We have clung to each other to help hold each other up. The love of our community has prevailed. Our hometown, our rodeo family, and friends have humbled us by the prayers, texts, calls, and your continuing support. To everyone, we are grateful beyond words.

There are not very many things I know for certain, but I KNOW Romans 8:28 holds true. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” He works in ALL things and He is working through this. God is working today to change lives. Sawyer and Whitney are holding steadfast to this. And like it says in the 23rd Psalm, we will walk through this valley together. And goodness and mercy will follow. The very thing that we look forward to, is seeing her again, because we can’t bring Story back, but someday we can go to her.

Thank you for your continued prayers. God bless.


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