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God Loves Team Ropers!
Are You Qualified?

When I first started learning to team rope I was horrible. Team roping was a difficult sport to begin learning in your late 40s. I had very little talent, but a whole lot of try. I needed partners to participate and most of the guys I met were not interested in helping out a beginner.

A friend of mine came riding out to my horse trailer one night as I was just starting to load my horse. He seemed anxious and wanted me to turn one more steer for his son who was real close to winning a buckle. He needed one more partner to increase his chances of winning it. I had roped pretty well that night but hadn’t won anything. My horse was unsaddled and I was tired and ready for a long trip home.

The sound of the barrier is something we can have nightmares about. Unique to the rodeo sport is the barrier. It can be devastating to a run and your pocketbook. I understand that we need to give the cattle a head start, to make it even for everyone, but reading the barrier is essential to a good run. It requires great timing and patience from the roper together with a horse that will score well.

In every sport there are times when you are on a winning streak. Other times losing is all you can can do. Frustration with losing is evident at every roping. Someone has to lose, we all know that, but it is sure more fun to win. Most team ropers have lost enough times, if they have roped very long, to be able to handle it calmly. Every now and then we will see someone who lets it get to them.

We all seem to enjoy justice for other people but, really don’t like it when it comes our way. If someone breaks into our house we want him caught, shot, put in jail or made to pay. Its easy to seek justice when we have been wronged. Paybacks or karma are sweet for the moment.