Lane Karney • 28, Creston, Calif.

May 9, 2011

Hi, I’m Lane Santos-Karney. Thank you for taking the time to check  out my blog here on I would like to personally  thank Stephanie Anderson for all her support and time spent, not  only on my behalf, but for the entire industry in her work for  Ropers Sports News and the Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping  Classic over the years. It is my goal to make my journey your  experience for those of you who follow my blog. Thank you for your  support.

I’m so truly blessed to have the people and support I have in my  life. During the final weekend in March, my younger brother, Taylor,  and I competed at the Challenge of Champions in Plymouth California.  It’s where the top three in each event from each of the nine  California High School Rodeo Association districts throughout the  state compete. I was fortunate enough to win the steer wrestling and  all-around titles. I bring this rodeo up because of all the great  people, and great times high school rodeo has supplied Taylor and I.  A big thank you to Candy Luce and Claudia Adams for their endless  work in the office to keep the rodeo rolling! Also, Steve Goedert  and Chad Nicholson again called the action, and made it feel like a  real rodeo.