Lane Santos-Karney • 20, Creston, Calif.

July 31, 2012

     Hi Everybody! I sincerely apologize that I have taken so long to get another blog up here. Seems like since about June 7th when we left for the College National Finals Rodeo, we’ve been going, going, going. Through all these many travels it has been so awesome to see so many people. I have gotten to catch up with so many friends, both new and old.

     As for the College National Finals, I had the time of my life. What an amazing experience. The week started with a tie-down roping jackpot, where I luckily tied the fastest calf of my life in 8.1 seconds. It was pretty neat. Jordan Ketscher won the first round of the jackpot, and I won 2nd. The entire rodeo staff back there does a great job on production. There’s so much I could say about it. With all the yellow banners around the arena, and PRCA Announcer of the Year Boyd Pollhamous announcing the performances, it felt like a big stage!


May 7, 2012

Hello everyone! So much has been going on lately, and I am excited to bring this blog to you! At times, I don’t know what to say on here, but I don’t know where to begin this time. This is such a great time of the year. I really hope everything is going great with all of you.

In my last blog, I talked about the Challenge of Champions that was about to happen in Plymouth, which consisted of the top three contestants in each of the nine districts that make up the California High School Rodeo Association. With 27 of the top CHSRA competitors in each event, it makes for an awesome experience for the contestants. While I couldn’t make it up there to watch my younger brother, Taylor, I was tickled when he called to tell me he’d won the All-Around Cowboy title up there. That is one of the most first-class rodeos I ever went to in high school, and always enjoyed it. I couldn’t have been more proud to get that report from Tay. I get just as excited when he wins than when I do. Sometimes I think I get more excited than he does when he does good. I remember how pumped I was back in 2009 when he won the Wrangler Jr. High National Finals All-Around Cowboy title in Gallup, New Mexico. That was about the most excited I’ve been about a rodeo. When he wins I feel like I win. That’s something that not many people can share. I’m his biggest fan, and even though he is younger, I really admire him and learn so much from him. Congratulations to all the Challenge of Champions winners! Good luck to all of you that qualified for the CHSRA State Finals in June.

March 21, 2012

Hello friends, I believe we are now officially into spring! This is an exciting time, as the sun is shining again and hopefully some green grass is growing in your neck of the woods. It was a strange winter this year, and I know the lack of rainfall in many parts of California had some negative affects on some people in the cattle industry. Fortunately, I learned from a conversation with a cattleman last weekend that there is a large amount of corn from the Midwest this year, which is good news for the feedlots. Anyway, while it maybe felt like winter never really came this year with the lack of rainfall, it’s time to enjoy the springtime!

February 8, 2012

Hello friends, I apologize for the delay in getting this new blog done and up. Seems like this great life we live has been flying by, and I ‘ve been a little behind. A lot of good has come in this time since my last blog.

As I hit send on my last blog, my mom, brother, and Papa were headed to Arizona for a week, where we were so fortunate enough to stay at Ozzie and Judy Gillum’s beautiful place. You hear about how awesome, and how roping-oriented Arizona is in the winter months, but it’s tough to really even fathom until you experience it for yourself. There was not a day that went by that we didn’t rope out in 70-degree sunshine. My rodeo partner, Jordan Ketscher, also came down that week, as did Andy Holcomb and Fallon Avery. Boy, we had a blast down there, and were lucky enough to come back to California with some money in our pockets! Also, thank you to Ryan Reed for showing us around down there.