More Winning Ways by Lyndee Stairs

You’re wearing your lucky socks... and your lucky shirt. The quarter you just found was heads up.  So you must be ready, right?  Wrong.

We’ve all seen that person who gets lucky and wins after not riding their horse since the last barrel race. But, who really wants to be that person? I want to be consistent.

You need to use body english to make a winning team.  You need to be able to recognize the cause of your barrel horse problems and how to solve them. You need to be able to put the finishing touches on your current horse in order to reach your goals with that horse. These things may require you to go to a professional for help. There is no shame in that. The best ball players in the world go to spring training every year. 

Anxiety: Why can you have a ton of talent and the best horse, but still sabotage your run? And what can be done about it? Don’t let your thoughts get in your way!

When you go on the hunt for a barrel horse or a barrel horse prospect, it can be hit or miss.  I know this. Besides the speed necessary, your ideal horse needs to be athletic, sound and trainable. He must be easy to live with. These things are not easy to tell in a trial run on an unfamiliar horse. I know that feeling too. 

To make this easier, I have a list of questions you can ask.  Starting at the first phone call to the seller of a horse, continuing through more steps that end in a test ride. There are questions that need to be asked and behaviors that need to be observed. With this checklist you will be able to create a list of pluses and minuses.