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By Nora Lee
Special To Ropers Sports News

FALLON, NV – The first annual “Why Not?” Cowgirl Classic had an amazing turnout on June 23, with 162 teams in the All Girl Team Roping, 45 ladies entered in the breakaway and seven littles in the dummy roping! 

We want to thank all the folks who came out to support the event by roping, buying raffle tickets, taking photos, sponsoring the awards and scholarship fund, and working all day to make this an enjoyable event for all. A special thanks goes out to Heidi Fettic, Rachel Kent, Brandon Nuffer, Bruce Hunt, Jim Estill, Jamie Lee, Liz Hunt, Matt Kent, TJ Griener, Garret Weltzen, Devin Shoenig, Fern Walker, Mike Fuller, Victoria Jackson and Tommy Lee for helping run such a smooth show. You can find all the photos from the day at victoriajackson.smugmug.com, (775) 247-7786.

Thank you to our generous sponsors: Remington Construction, Equibrand, Charlie 1 Horse, Outlaw Spirit & Kaci Riggs, Pinenut Livestock Supply, Cinderlite Trucking, United Rentals, Peek Brothers Construction, Smarty, Forco & Animal Health International (Ashley Hagens), BioMane, Chris Gomes Hay, Tommy Lee Livestock, Fallon Livestock, LLC, Jim and Patti Parker, Go Rope Clothing, A&K Construction, Ropers Sports News, Les Schwab, S&S Tack Shop, WPRA, Wrangler and Wrangler BFI Week.

Results are as follows; payoffs are per roper:

All Girl Team Roping: 4 for $60, 162 teams

1st go: 1. Macy Fuller and Annette Stahl, 6.8, $200. 2. Kayelen Helton and Jessy Remsburg, 7.05, $100.

Average: 1. Kayelen Helton and Jessy Remsburg, 35.97, $1,520. 2. Lari Dee Guy and Jimmi Jo Montera, 39.45, $1,320. 3. Karen Dias and Whitney DeSalvo, 39.64, $1,125. 4. Sissy Rieken and Jimmi Jo Montera, 40.43, $925. 5. Macy Fuller and Annette Stahl, 40.89, $730. 6. Brittany Dias and Whitney DeSalvo, 40.93, $530. 7. Kelsie Chace and Jessy Remsburg, 44.54, $265. 8. Utah Ward and Georgia Ward, 45.98, $200.

Breakaway roping: 4 for $200, 45 entries

Fast Times: 1st Round: 1. Shelby Streeter, 2.43, $200. 2. Kayelen Helton, 2.46, $100. 2nd Round: 1. Dally Goemmer, 2.32. 2. Kelsie Chace, 168.

Average: 1. Bailey Kieckbusch, 11.85, $1,660. 2. Jackie Crawford, 12.86, $1,350. 3. Abbie Hampton, 13.38, $1,075. 4. Macy Fuller, 13.63, $835. 5. Lindy Lehman, 14.47, $700. 6. Courtney Wood, 15.78, $515. 7. Alysha Barraza, 17.27, $250.

Youth Incentive: 1. Bailey Kieckbusch, 9.6 on 3, $200. 2. Haily Sherwood, 19.18 on 3, $120.


1. Jackie Crawford, $405. 2. Macy Fuller, $305. 3. Courtney Wood, $205. 4. Alysha Barraza, $100.

All-Around Cowgirl (most money won, entered in both events): Macy Fuller, $1,765. Youth All-Around: Hailey Sherwood, $120.

Dummy roping

6 & under: Stix Lee. 7-12: Logan Nixon

Scholarship recipients who completed an application and entered the event were awarded $200 each, BioMane and Charlie 1 Horse gift certificates. They were: Jessica Gomes, Charley Ball, Lindy Lehman, Chelsey Bushnell, Kassidy Hofman, Bailey Kieckbusch and Payton Feyder.

Breakaway champ and youth incentive champ Bailey Kieckbusch.