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By Spring Krogue
Special To Ropers Sports News

DALY CITY, CA – Contestants began arriving to the historic Cow Palace on Friday morning, Oct. 20, with great excitement for Saturday’s race. It was fun to see young contestants and seasoned contestants walk through the stalls, arena and halls of the Cow Palace with smiles beaming across their faces. This was the third year that Classic Barrel Racing was invited to host a barrel race during the Grand National Rodeo at the Cow Palace, a rodeo that has taken place for many years. This year’s barrel race was a one-day race with $1,000 added to the open. 

Saturday morning started early, the crew was at the arena at 4:45 a.m. prepping the ground and setting the pattern. We want to give a big thanks to Ken Cook, of Willows, Calif., for doing an amazing job on the ground, we had safe, consistent and fast ground throughout the entire race. Time only/exhibition runs began at 5:30 a.m. and the Open got underway at 8 a.m. Jan Reis started off our event by singing the National Anthem, and at 8:01 the first rider was on the pattern making a run. Teri Silva of Rio Oso, Calif., announced our event and did an amazing job keeping the contestants on track and the spectators entertained. 

As the race progressed the leader board changed, in the end it was Vicky Cook riding Man of Fame to the fast time of the race. We met up with Vicky after her run and learned she bought her horse from Susan Dupont in November as a futurity prospect, Vicky runs his full brother, Buds Famous Sun, so Vicky had high hopes for Man of Fame as a barrel and rodeo horse. Vicky said that Abby Davis Michalis started him around the barrels and she noted that he was very easy to ride after her. Vicky calls him Manny. We asked Vicky about her winning run and she said all she could think about was to be aggressive around all her barrels. Vicky said during her run she could hear her mentor and hero, Cathey Vallerga, telling her to “sit up and ride past.” Vicky and her husband, Ken Cook, are very excited about Manny’s future as he is qualified for The American in February. We wish Vicky the best of luck and congratulate her on her winning run at the Cow Palace! 

Shannon Jones placed first in the 2D on Frenchmans Royal Guy, she calls him Tuff. Shannon is an attorney in San Luis Obispo, Calif., while in college she was the West Coast Region All Around Cowgirl. Shannon and her sister bought Tuff a year ago from Haislip Performance Horses. Jim and Ruth Haislip raised and trained him, she says he is just a blast to have. Shannon said the Cow Palace was a really fun experience, she had never run at the Cow Palace prior to this race. Shannon said she and Katie loved running at the jackpot as well as entering the rodeo at the Cow Palace, she said her jackpot run wasn’t perfect, but thanks to Vicky Cook she got lucky and landed in the 2D. 

Christy Colgate won the 4D on a horse she calls Butter. Butter was trained by Sheena Robbins, Christy sold him a few years back and is blessed that his current owner is allowing her to run him again. Christy says that Butter is a great horse to be around and he makes running barrels fun. Christy’s future plans include raising babies by her good mare, Naughty, and hopes to make the CA Circuit Finals again in the near future. 

Thanks to the Gleeson family of Winters, Calif., we were able to offer a youth race in addition to our open race. Alexa Davis on Coats Streakin Cash was the fast time of the youth, picking up a check for $192, she ended up winning the entire 1D which awarded her a Bullstrong Silversmiths Buckle, Cactus Headstall, Cactus Halter and Cactus Spur straps. Each youth contestant also received a goodie bag from Nahrgang Family of West Coast Barrel Racing Association. 

We had a super tough short go, which ran just prior to the rodeo performance. This event was sponsored by Danika’s Dream Team, the Davis family of Chico, Calif. Danika started the short go by doing an exhibition run on Coats Streakin Cash and then the fast contestants came out and made some awesome runs! Cathey Vallerga and Bandito set the course on fire running the fastest time of the day and winning the Short Go, which awarded her a $200 check, Resistol felt hat, $100 Best Ever Pads certificate and LameAway. 

Over the course of the race, Classic Barrel Racing awarded more than $13,000 in payout checks, beautiful Bullstrong Silversmiths buckles, Resistol hats, Riding Warehouse merchandise and gift certificates, Best Ever Pad gift certificates, LameAway product and Cactus headstalls, halters and spur straps. 

Classic Barrel Racing is very much family affair, we had kids, parents and grandparents competing together, which was awesome to see. We had a ton of workers and helpers, big thank you to everyone that helped make this event possible. 

Lastly, we would like to thank each and every sponsor for their support of the Grand National Barrel Racing Jackpot. Best Ever Pads, Davis Family, Gleeson Family, Horsemen’s News, Lame Away, Lyndee and Lance Stairs, Randy Whitlow Trucking, Resistol, Riding Warehouse, Ropers Sports News and West Coast Horsemen. 

Results of the Grand National barrel racing jackpot held October 21 at the Cow Palace are as follows:

Open 4D

1D: 1. Vicky Cook, Man Of Fame, 15.069, $621. 2. Shelley Holman, Darkelly Lass, 15.136, $533. 3. Nellie Miller, Famous Scarlett, 15.157, $473. 4 Kathy Petska, Dinero Made Me Famous, 15.195, $399. 5. Shelley Holman, Red Hot N Burnin, 15.265, $325. 6. Cathey Vallerga, Bandito, 15.287, $237. 7. Tona Andrade, A Toast To Fame, 15.344, $148. 8. Kaillee Hamre, JS Bet Red, 15.348, $118. 9. Shannon Shade, Victory Way, 15.422, $104.

2D: 1. Shannon Jones, Frenchmans Royal Guy, 15.569, $559. 2. Sabina Andreini, Lotto Little Pennies, 15.571, $479. 3. Ashley Nelson, Ace Of Gold, 15.593, $426. 4. Briana Benavidez, Chicks Keen O PocoPooh, 15.594, $359. 5. Ali Anton, Jackson, 15.610, $293. 6. Lynsey Machado, A Royal High Kelly, 15.619, $213. 7. Katie Anderson, Frenchmans Highlight, 15.629, $133. 8. Sami Jo Morisoli, Bird, 15.646, $107. 9. Molly Sparrowk, Fairly Graceful, 15.656, $93.

3D: 1. Joye Mendes, Jewels, 16.124, $476. 2. Mary Scott, One Smart Bullion, 16.147, $408. 3. Jennifer Burke, Bedazzling Cayucos, 16.160, $363. 4. Cecilie Garcia, El Senor Rebelde, 16.175, $306. 5. Monica Pelosi, Dual Sport, 16.188, $250. 6. Jaden Cowan, T-Bone, 16.189, $181. 7. Makenzie Clark, Benitas Cocolena, 16.203, $113. 8. Liz Whitlow, Cash M Bueno Chex, 16.206, $91. 9. Kim Compilli, Foxy, 16.214, $79.

4D: 1. Christy Colgate, Butter, 17.095, $414. 2. Cathy Knapp, Buckshot, 17.100, $355. 3. Joye Mendes, Pecos, 17.108, $316. 4. Trinity Crenshaw, Qts Skip A Dollar Rocky, 17.168, $266. 5. Laurie Hill, Georgias Honor, 17.200, $217. 6. Danielle Burnett, Im A Sailing Chex, 17.253, $158. 7. Shealynn Day, Bedazzling King Kaos, 17.280, $99. 8. Brenda Tealer, Shining Tucker, 17.282, $79. 9. Taylor Myers, Rugar, 17.305, $69.


1D: 1. Vicky Cook, Man Of Fame, 15.069, $184. 2. Shelley Holman, Darkelly Lass, 15.136, $138. 3. Kathy Petska, Dinero Made Me Famous, 15.195, $92. 4. Shelley Holman, Red Hot N Burnin, 15.265, $46.

2D: 1/2. Emily Hannaford, Chasin My Youth; Lacey Robinson, GL Jets Frosted Peach, 15.785, $107. 3. Ashley Johnson, CR Money, 15.807, $61. 4. Susie Gunter, Circle Again, 15.871, $31.


1D: 1. Alexa Davis, Coats Streakin Cash, 16.112, $192. 

2D: 1. Mayson Bothwell, Doc The Roan, 16.929, $173.

3D: 1. Madison Plitt, Blondie, 17.281, $63. 2. Heather Drayton, Apaches Purple Rose, 17.344, $49.

4D: 1. Lauren Keltner, Buckle, 18.222, $55. 2. Danielle Horick, Diesel, 18.456, $42. 

Cathey Vallerga and Bandito ran the fastest time of the day and won the Short Go. – Capture Photography

Alexa Davis was the winner of the Youth race, riding Coats Streakin Cash. – Capture Photography

Christy Colgate, Open 4D champion riding Butter. – Capture Photography

Corbin J. Krogue competed in the youth barrel race at the Cow Palace for the second year, riding his horse Blue Duck, which belonged to his grandfather, the late Ollie Simpson. Corbin competed at the event along with his mom, Spring Krogue, aunt Dianna Malley and cousin Roquel Luna.