• Winning the Oakdale 10 Steer

    Phil Stadtler Roping winners were Rylee George and Lane Wheeler. Members of the Stadtler family make the saddle presentation during the Oakdale 10 Steer weekend. Click photo for full story.

  • Hawaii ACTRA Finals 2019

    Kelvin Medeiros and Daniel Miranda won the #4 roping at the Hawaii ACTRA Finals (pictured with other winners in the #4). Click photo for full story...

  • High Point Roper Wins New Truck

    Uriel Murrieta with his new RAM 3500 pickup at the NTR Labor Day Celebration in Mormon Lake, Arizona.  Click photo for full story.

  • Rodman is 'Heeler of the Day'

    Walt Rodman of Galt, Calif., showed he’s still got what it takes to win the WSTR #13.5 with JT Bradley, and the WSTR #12.5, heeling for Tappy Anthony. He also placed second in the #13.5 with Bob McClelland heading. Click photo for full story...

By Tracey Scott
Special To Ropers Sports News

    BISHOP, CALIF. – Once again the top five CHSRA contestants in each event in each district converged upon Bishop or a week to determine the National team to compete in Wyoming. There were freshmen, seniors, returning qualifiers and first timers and many very excited and hopeful family members. They brought their rafts, bicycles, fishing poles, of course horses and everything they would need to compete at their best and make a lifetime of memories.
   This ritual occurs annually, the names change, but it is the same event filled with so many hopes and goals, and disappointments, unforgettable lessons and lots of fun. This year there were more multi-event contestants than in previous years which made for some tricky moments when you are running three arenas at a time, but the entire rodeo staff and directors were determined to make sure each contestant had the best opportunity to succeed. The CHSRA Finals is, of course, all about the kids, but those who put aside their time for this week to make sure every event, every run and every day goes as well as possible need to get a shoutout. The CHSRA Board and District Presidents, along with the event directors and support for every event are remarkable. But then, all volunteers are remarkable. They put aside their own personal time to help the greater good.  There are too many to name but a huge debt of gratitude goes out to all those who worked so hard all week in Bishop doing every little and big thing, behind the scenes and in clear view to make the 2019 State Finals a great event.
   Another shoutout goes to the venue. In California there are fewer and fewer great venues where large events can have all their needs met. The Tri County Fair staff and manager are high on that short list. They could have hung a sign that said “Under New Management,” but they proved that with the huge effort they put forth to make sure every need was met and problem solved. Newly hired manager Jen McGuire was meeting CHSRA for the first time but her efforts to “get it right” did not go unnoticed. CHSRA just signed a contract to return to Bishop for three years with an option of two years beyond and if the week in June is any indication of the future, five years may be an easy decision. The local community, city and chamber were all on board as well and the 2019 State Finals were a huge success.
   Oh, and the kids...they did well, too. Our All-Around races were very tight but Caden Grisedale, was a repeat on the boys all-around and Payton Scalzo captured the girls title. Boys Tie-Down, Jake Bourdet; Team Roping, Payton Lopez and Jace Helton; Steer Wrestling, Trent Watkins; Girls Breakaway, Rylee George; Goat Tying, Payton Scalzo; Pole Bending, Payton Schoeppach; Barrel Racing, Payton Schoeppach; Saddle Bronc, Bailey Small; Bareback Riding, Jacek Frost; Bull Riding, Tristin Gray; Reined Cow Horse, Pierce Wold; Girls Cutting, Gracie Lopez; Boys Cutting, Pierce Wold; 2019-20 Miss CHSRA is Karly Camozzi
A big thank you goes out to our state sponsors, Cactus Saddlery, Cactus Gear, Cactus Ropes, Heel-O-Matic, Resistol, Les Schwab Tires, Ropers Sports News, Platinum Performance, KIBS Radio, Allen Outdoor, Inyo Mono Body Shop, Bishop Veterinarian Hospital, Boot Barn and Professionals Choice. New membership year will begin in August. Check our website and our Facebook page for membership details. chsra.com, California High School Rodeo Association.

Barrel Racing: 1. Payton Schoeppach, D3. 2. Skylar Alves, D7. 3. Skyler Sutton, D8. 4. Miley Bunting, D1.
Pole Bending: 1. Payton Schoeppach, D3. 2. Emily Mayor, D2. 3. Macie Kulikov, D6. 4. Faith Anderson, D2.
Breakaway: 1. Rylee George, D5. 2. Payton Scalzo, D8. 3. Mackenzie Parker, D8. 4. McKenna Wood, D4.
Goat Tying: 1. Payton Scalzo. 2. Margaret Usher, D7. 3. Tessa James, D5. 4. Josephine Pereira, D7.
Tie-Down Roping: 1.  Jake Bourdet, D4. 2. Payson Holman, D6. 3. Stoney Boy Joseph, D3. 4. Garrett Shell, D3.
Bull Riding: 1. Tristin Gray, D1. 2. Andy Guzman, D5. 3. Cody Morgan, D2. 4. Seth Thompson, D1.
Bareback: 1. Jacek Frost, D1. 2. Chase Shrode, D7. 3. Erik Bettencourt, D5. 4. Robert Scheer, D5.
Saddle Bronc: 1. Bailey Small, D1. 2. Caden Grisedale, D6. 3. Payson Holman, D6. 4. Tucker Bourdet, D4.
Steer Wrestling: 1. Trent Watkins, D1. 2. Grant Peterson, D5. 3. Blane Martin, D3. 4. Garrett Shell, D3.
Team Roping: 1. Payton Lopez and Jace Helton, D8. 2. Brock Grashuis and Logan Anseth, D3. 3. Jamie Fontes and Margaret Usher, D7 4. Heaven Perez and Zane Pratt, D8.
Boys Cutting: 1. Pierce Wold, D3. 2. Justin Schuette, D3. 3. Cole Bunting, D1. 4. Kerry Duvall, D5.
Girls Cutting: 1. Gracie Lopez, D7. 2. Samantha Massey, D7. 3. Masyn Powers, D8. 4. Payton Scalzo, D8.
Reined Cow Horse: 1. Pierce Wold, D3. 2. Miley Bunting, D1. 3. Lilla Bell, D4. 4. Kate Grimsman.

Platinum Performance awards were given to the high score and fast times of the first two long rounds. Pictured in front, left to right, are Lacey Geiger, Lila Bell, Gracie Lopez and Jacek Frost; back (l to r) Payson Holman, Jace Helton, Payton Lopez, Grant Peterson, TJ Gray and Allan Battle. – Photo By Weasel Loader

Cactus go-round winners were: Kadin Ayers, Maggie Usher, Caden Grisedale, Wilson Redfeairn, Grant Peterson, TJ Gray, Davis Mardesich, Allen Battle, Lila Bell, Paige Cecil, Jacek Frost and Taylor Scott.  – Photo By Weasel Loader