• Gibbs & Guerrero Win WSTR #12

    Wyatt Gibbs and Anival Guerrero won the WSTR #12 at the World Series Of Team Roping produced by Dynamite Productions in Tulare, Calif. Click photo for full story...

  • RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo

    Logan Olson and Matt Kasner were declared the team roping champions of the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo held in Kissimmee, Florida. (Kent Soule Photo) Click photo for full story...

  • Vicky Cook Wins at Chowchilla

    Vicky Cook, Willows, Calif. and Man of Fame were the stars at the Dean Flenniken Memorial Derby and the Chowchilla Stampede as they won both races with a smoking run of 17.242 and took home over $1,600 plus awards. (Photo by Deb Mann) Click photo for full story.

  • CHSRA Challenge of Champions

    All Around Cowboy Bailey Small (l) and All Around Cowgirl Andee Poole (r) with the CHSRA queen. (Larry Smith/PhotoFast). Click photo for full story...

By Tracey Scott
Special To Ropers Sports News

After spending a weekend determining the Junior High State champions and National team, CHSRA is looking forward now to June 11-17 in Bishop Calif. This is the 13th year at Eastern Sierra Tri County Fairgrounds and everyone is happy to return. The schedule is packed with Reined Cow Horse being included on site for the second year, youth activities and local fun. The usual King contest is being transformed to a District King Challenge that will include some athletic events, games and competitions between District Kings. Cutting will be earlier in the week as well and the Finals will be held Thursday instead of Friday. With the abundance of rain and snow in the region, things will be a little different, jackets will probably needed at the higher altitude and there is a strong warning from area officials about the river. Due to high water levels, dangerous currents and swift water, it is advised that no one plan on river activities such as floating or swimming. Tragically, a man lost his life in the river recently, and the conditions will only get worse as the snow melts in the coming weeks.

If the Junior High Finals are any indication of how competitive CHSRA contestants can be, this year’s high school finals will be another one for the books. 

See you in Bishop, bring your fishing poles!

State qualifiers:

District 1:

Jessica Alosi, Shasta Banchio, James Banister, Cade Brackett, Cole Bunting, Haley Mae Dancer, Tanner Darst, Jacey Gorden, Levi Gray, TJ Gray, Devin Griffith, Riley Griffith, Caleb Heitman, Gwen Johnson, Kolton King, Emily Kramer, Aubrey Largent, Mason Meadows, Tanner Meigs, Bryor Minton, Masey Minton, Clayton Moore, Mackenzie Moore, Mikayla Moore, Fallon Myers, Hailey Myers, Kodi Myers, Lea Orsburn, Cauy Pool, Tarryn Shanahan, Blake Shepard, Bailey Small, Corte Smith, Cody Stewart, Chaney Tidwell, Kaycie Tidwell, Drew Tilton, Nicole Tomasello, Trent Watkins.

District 2:

Anthony Hawkins, Ayvree Smith, Cade Browning, Caitlyn Wood, Caleb Blyleven, Cameron Graham, Chance Collins, Danny Fales, Emily Machado, Frankie Hawkins, Hailey Finnegan, Jackie Jones, Jessi Preyer, Jordan Gutsch, Kaitlyn Combs, Lindsay Luster, Lindsay Riedel, Lucy Moore, Makenzi Smith, Quintin McWhorter, Ray Mayo, Sophia Evans, Tate Smith, Taylor Griffin, Teigan Mund, Veronica Kern.

District 3 All Around Cowboy Davis Mardesich and Cowgirl Payton Schoeppach

District 3:

Justin Adair, Kayla Allen, Riley Anderson, Quentin Anseth, Logan Anseth, Jolie Balaam, George Becker, Aby Black, Bryar Byrne, Rooney Callahan, Colton Daniel, Ava Evans, Jake Franceschi, Chase Goss, Trevor Granlees, Colby Green, Brandon Green, Joey Guthrie, Logan Hill, Riley Holloway, Michael Jennings, Breann Justice, Taylor Lake, Laurn Langbaum, Devon Larsen, Davis Mardesich, Malin Marino, Blane Martin, Conner McClure, Fallon McDonald, Payson McGill, Hunter Morgan, Savanna Morgan, Naomi Pierucci, Macey Reinthaler, Chase Rose, Payton Schoeppach, Justin Schuette, Stevie Scott-Smith, Sam Seifert, Garrett Shell, Jonathan Siller, Grace Swift, Alleigh Warnke, Gabrielle Webb, Hailey Wilbur, Carson Williams, Julia Yoder.

District 4 All Around Cowboy Tristan Naccarato and Cowgirl Lila Bell.

District 4:

Mason Rianda, Tristan Naccarato, Garrett Bourdet, Dawson Bell, Leland King, Jason Anderson, Clint Fuentes, Twyster Hurley, Riley Bishop, Lance Gozzelino, Blake Cronin, Caleb Johnson, Lila Bell, Madison Comozzi, Katie Drosihn, Mia Prichard, Kaitlyn Anderson, Hailey Kennedy, Kaela Chadwick, Taylor Vollin, Jillian Murray, McKenna Wood, Sierra Stelling, Haylie Stelling, Hailee Westrick, Lauren McDevitt, Kimberly Kerns, Jennifer Pereira.

District 5:

Trey Baker, Madison Deardorf, Kelsey Dickens, Lauryn Bairos, Kelsey Cadwell, Rylee George, Mikayla Hagemann, Cierra Polhemus, Whitlee Burgess, Sydney Mayer, Megan Sharp, Machaela Sinclair, Jessica Harlan, Faith Mahallati, Phillip Knierieme, Wyatt Hansen, Lane Wheeler, Cayden Cox, Layton Oswald, Keith Erickson, Preston Burgess, Ronan Hice, Grant Peterson, Ky-Manee Hardy, Cody Russell, Will Cowden, Cameron Senegal.

District 6 All Around Cowgirl Andee Poole and Cowboy Lefty Holman

District 6:

Coby Crissman, Cobie Dodds, Cole Dodds, Chance Freeman, Caden Grisedale, Lefty Holman, Payson Holman, Drew Mauro, Karson Mebane, Karson Montijo, Reed Neely, Wilson Redfeairn, Chance Strong, Camille Arnold, Kaiden Ayres, Brooke Barker, Ellie Bonilla, Taylor Garcia, Rylee Henry, Sheridan Knight, Brianna Langley, Kelsey Mauro, Andee Poole, Bailee Poole, Erin Shipley, Hannah Steagall, Lizzie Stewart, Taylor Strohl, Romey Stuhaan, Joleen Summers, Corinne Whitney.

District 7 All Around Cowgirl Alea Cunningham and Cowboy Chance Ruffoni

District 7:

Tucker Allen, Tyree Cochrane, Lynnde Cole, Alea Cunningham, Greg Fariss, Josie Ferrante, Lauren Flaherty, Riley Gajdos, Lauren Hopkins, Karlie Huguenard, Jared Javadi, Ryan Jennings, Chance Leatherman, Cutter Machado, Sadie Noblitt, Garrett Olivera, Dominic Patino, Gabriella Patino, Tanner Patino, Darbie Pond, Chance Ruffoni, Aubree Scobie, Antonio Silva, Clay Simons, Taite Stickler, Hannah Thoming, Blaize Twisselman, Carlos Ulloa, Ethan Usher, Maggie Usher, Kathryn Varian, Rhett Varian, Tanner Vorst.

District 8 All Around Cowboy Austin Lopez and Cowgirl Briana Leslie, with Queen Cailee Roper.

District 8:

Cailee Roper (queen), Addison Coutts, Anthony Hopen, Augustus Gibbs, Austin Lopez, Avery Lopez, Bennett McComas, Brianna Leslie, Cori Burdett, Dakoda Boyce, Dallas Owen, Dalton Shepard, Evan Anderson, Hannah Dickson, Hector Dukes, Hunter Hall, Jace Helton, Jackson Cabrera, Jenna Reardon, Jennifer Mohr, Mackenzie Parker, Payton Bladow, Payton Lopez, Payton Scalzo, Reese Lance, Richard Boswell, Riley Richardson, Rio Rizzo, Ryley Asbell, Wyatt Sutton, Stephanie Dayton (shooting), Cassidy Englehart (shooting).

District 9 All Around Cowgirl Allison Inderbeiten and Cowboy Wyatt Soto.

District 9:

Allison Inderbeiten, Makayla Farkas, Mallory Bush, Janis Osbrink, Makenna Batchelder, Wyatt Soto, Kyle Cummings, Zane Pratt, Logan Colunga, Gage Garcia, Lacey Geiger, Jessica Dickens, Lexi Specchio, Kelly DeVoll, Madison Baute, Emmi Beth Sturkow, Megan Miller, Hannah Waldvogel, Luke Soto, Brett Stephey, Payton Satterfield, Mia Marchini.