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By Jimmy Pfeffer
Special To Ropers Sports News

RAMONA, CA – The 4th annual Ropes Galore Customer Appreciation Team Roping and Barrel Race was held Easter weekend (April 15) at Mountain Valley Ranch in Ramona, Calif.

When you have Linda Davis, Sue Gorham, Jenny Songer, Lee Legasey with Perfect Timing, JR Productions and JT Cattle, and Billy Butler, all throwing their support in to a roping you know it’s going to be a good one and that it was! Thanks to you all for your support and hard work at our 4th annual!

The roping paid out over $50,000 in cash and awards to just under 700 teams thanks to the generosity of our partnering sponsors. We continue to appreciate the support you give this roping and don’t take it for granted. Thank you SASS Electric, Fast Back Ropes, Western Payments, Brawley Express, Inland Erosion, Coats Saddlery, Skyline Silversmiths, Best Ever Pads, Cactus Ropes, All American Trailers, Chowchilla Western Stampede, BEX Sunglasses, MYChevrolet, Scott Thomas Saddlery, Curicyn, Ropers Sports News, McKenna Septic, Hannon Farms, Rancho Bernardo Winery, Ramona Rodeo, D-F Total Sales, Mountain Valley Ranch, and Walton Construction Services. Ropers and Barrel Racers, please be sure to thank and give your business to these companies all throughout the year. It truly is the very best way to say thank you for what they do to support our sport and the equine industry. 

We also want to thank Franco Concrete Incorporated for sponsoring our Dummy Roping and awarding brand new bikes to all three age divisions yet again this year. Your continued sponsorship and investment in the future generation of the sport of team roping is so important and very much appreciated! Congrats to all the cowgirls and cowboys who competed, and a special shout out to our winners who made it an all cowgirl sweep! Way to go Tillie Winters, our 5 and under champ, Sadie Helton our 6-8 year old division champ, and Abilene Chavez who is this year’s 9-11 division champ. Congratulations cowgirls on winning your brand new bikes! 

Sunday we rounded out the weekend with the WPRA approved barrel race and Ramona Rodeo Jr Barrel qualifier. Great big shout out to Selena Roberts and her team for spending their Easter Sunday with us all. You ran a great race again this year, and you even had Easter baskets for our Pee Wee competitors! Thank you Selena, we just couldn’t do this race each year without you!

Thanks to the crew, our sponsors, and all the ropers, barrel racers, and your families for spending Easter weekend with us. On behalf of my family, we thank you for your continued business support and industry partnership. We’ll see you down the road and around this same time next year for the 5th annual Ropes Galore Customer Appreciation Team Roping & Barrel Race.

Results are as follows:

Average winners of each pot were also awarded a $500 per man bonus.

#5 Draw: $35:

1st go: 1. Mindy Siataga and OC Barnish, 8.26, $200. 2. Chad Waldhauser and Tandy Toon, 8.27, $120. 3. Thad Ostrander and Robby England, 8.88, $80.

Average: 1. Chad Waldhauser and Randy Toon, 16.86, $1,090. 2. Keith Smith and Robert Treasure, 17.83, $765. 3. Veronica Chavez and Evan Anderson, 19.22, $580. 4. Terrie Willis and Robby England, 19.40, $440. 5. Leo Lumley and Spud Denmark, 19.88, $330. 6. Leo Lumley and Dennis Eller, 20.03, $255. 7. Chad Waldhauser and John VanAken, 21.51, $185.

#6 Hdcp Down: $50

1st go: 1/2. Bobby Stanley and Walt Stewart; Erin King and Dan Denmark, 7.95, $337. 3. Jake Huserik and Dallas Owen, 7.98, $195. 4. Bobby Stanley and Dennis Eller, 8.05, $100.

Average: 1. Rance Winters and Arturo Chavez, 25.39, $2,090. 2. Jessica King and Dillon Foster, 25.62, $1,580. 3. Marc Davis and Hector Dukes, 27.79, $1,140. 4. Randy Stanley Sr. and Adrian Mendoza, 29.01, $960. 5. Keith Smith and Sean Hansel, 30.47, $785. 6. John Christman and Hector Dukes, 31.35, $610. 7. John James Battaglia and Arturo Chavez, 31.81, $520. 8. Bobby Stanley and Dennis Eller, 32.05, $440. 9. Leo Lumley and Arturo Chavez, 32.41 $350. 10. John James Battaglia and Joyce Battaglia, 34.14, $255.

#8 Hdcp P/D: $50

1st go: 1. Ryan Dodds and Bronc Boehnlein, 5.73, $370. 2. Travis Gorham and Nate Preuit, 6.32, $220. 3. Bobby Boyd and Brandon Bates, 6.39, $150.

Average: 1. Jessica King and Brad Bishop, 26.94, $1,860. 2. Bobby Boyd and Jace Helton, 28.05, $1,265. 3. Neal Smith and Sean Maginnis, 28.71, $1,000. 4. Brady Denmark and Patrick O’Brien, 29.84, $730. 5. Jason Tucker and Jake Gibbs, 29.86, $600. 6. Markie Battaglia and Lonnie Songer, 30.19, $530. 7. Dusty Gravatt Sr. and Arturo Chavez, 30.27, $400. 8. Austin Hayes and Sean Maginnis, 30.97, $265.

Open Pick: 5 for $125

Average: 1. Ryan Reed and Cody Pearson, 36.30 on 4, $1,250. 2. Ryan Reed and Bronc Boehnlein, 17.77 on 3, $810. 3. Marcus Battaglia and Cody Pearson 27.43 on 3, $125.

Arturo Chavez was the high money heeler of the day. Jim Pfeffer presents his custom Yeti cooler.

Winners of the #6 average were Rance Winters (c) and Arturo Chavez. Jim Pfeffer of Ropes Galore presenting.

Winners of the #8 average were Jessica King and Brad Bishop. Jim Pfeffer presents their awards.

It was an all girls final in the Dummy Roping! Congratulations Tillie Winters, Sadie Helton and Abilene Chavez. Thanks to Franco Concrete for sponsoring the dummy roping.