• Ariat WSTR Shatters Event Record With $18M+ Cash Payout

    The Ariat World Series of Team Roping concluded nine record-breaking days of competition, running December 9-17 at the South Point Equestrian Center in Las Vegas. Winning the #8.5 Apex Finale were Charlie Robbins and Billy Resor. Click photo for complete story.

  • Pacific Coast Shootouts Rings In The New Year

    Pacific Coast Shootouts ushered in the new year in Sanger, California and also held December ropings in Paso Robles and Sanger. High money winners on New Year's Day in Sanger were John Stamper (l), Adrian Macias and Billy Kissack. Click photo for full story...

  • Average Joe Finals Held At Madonna Inn

    Lane Karney (r) and Jason Johe won the Average Joe Open roping for $1,000 plus Average Joe jackets, BullKelp bedrolls, Resistol hat certificates and Best Ever pads. Click photo for full story...

  • Gold Buckles For Wade & Thorp; Average Crowns For Begay & Todd

    Wesley Thorp and Tyler Wade take a victory lap after winning the the gold buckles in team roping at the Wrangler NFR (PRCA ProRodeo Photo by Hailey Rae). Click photo for full story

#14.5 Shootout Dan Denmark and Spud Denmark along with their family and USTRC announcer Dru Stewart.

Special To Ropers Sports News

FORT WORTH, TEXAS –  The United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC) hosted its 34th annual National Finals of Team Roping (NFTR) presented by Cinch, April 20 through April 30, at the NRS Arena in Decatur and the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. More than 7,900 teams competed making it one of the largest events in NFTR history. The USTRC has traditionally been the home for the family, and this was the case as contestants young and old, man and woman, all competed for a piece of the $4 million awarded in cash and prizes.

  Nearly 40 champions were crowned over the course of the 11 days from the Open roping down to the #7 Division, with some ropers fulfilling a lifelong dream, while some are barely old enough to drive. Beginning in 2020, USTRC introduced its Legends program to provide a segregated opportunity for ropers over 40; five divisions provided a great payday for these baby boomers. In the Shoot Out events, this year like every other year, the young ropers won their fair share. This included the winner of the Ram #9.5 Truck Roping Zane Starns, who won the 2023 Ram Truck with second and third place positions in the aggregate, at just 16 years old.
  “I got my license in October,” Starns said. “I really needed this truck. I’ve been driving a Suzuki Samurai that is in pretty rough shape. It’s a five-speed but the tranny is going so only one through three work and she doesn’t go very fast.”
  One of the most exciting moments in Fort Worth came from the world champ Junior Nogueira. Not only did he win first in the Open with Tanner Tomlinson, but he also won second with Kaleb Driggers his World Champion partner in impressive fashion, roping the short round steer in 4.7 seconds. The magnitude of winning this event is not lost on Nogueira, despite the fact that he is considered one of the best heelers in the world.
  “It’s amazing to be here,” Nogueira, 32, said. “I grew up in a different country [Brazil] watching the US Finals highlights. The first time I came over here—around 2007—I was just in shock. My heart was beating watching the US Finals and seeing Clay Tryan and Walt Woodard win it.”
  Total Feeds sponsored the first annual Breakaway Championships hosting four divisions, including the Open won by standout Quincy Sullivan. For the victory, Sullivan took home a total of $17,960.
  “It was a really good roping, and it paid even better,” Sullivan, 19, said. “The money added was a draw for sure. They [USTRC] said $10,000-added in the breakaway, and I was already going to be here for the #12.5 team roping. Now, it’s pretty cool to be the first girl to win a USTRC Breakaway title.”
  The atmosphere of the 2023 Cinch NFTR was that of electricity and elation. From the online livestream on USTRC.com, to the flow of the three-arena setup, along with the increased social media coverage, it was an experience like none other, both for those who participated and those who watched from afar. From steer one in the John Justin Arena, to steer three in the Will Rogers Coliseum, it took a team just under nine minutes, allowing ropers to stay in “the zone” and remain focused with their partners until they completed the course. Not only did the divisions run smoothly, but the Will Rogers Memorial Center staff worked together with the USTRC staff to develop a smooth process for parking, loading and unloading, and check-in improving each of the four years the event has been in Fort Worth.
T  he 35th edition of the USTRC National Finals is scheduled for April 19 thru April 28, 2024 once again in Decatur and at the WRMC in Fort Worth. For complete results and articles on all division winners from the 2023 USTRC Cinch National Finals of Team Roping XXXIV visit USTRC.com and the June issue of the Team Roping Journal. Be sure to check out the schedule page to find a USTRC Signature event near you.
Complete results of all the ropings can be found at www.ustrc.com
#16.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Slade Wood and Wesley Thorp, $26,500. 2. Cory Smothers and JD Holland, $18,500. 3. Ross Mitchell and Kaleb Driggers, $13,600. 4. Brandon Farris and Derrick Jantzen, $7,200. 6. Cory Smothers and Brandon Gonzales, $4,800.
#15.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Tyler Wade and Haze Bruce, $35,000. 2. Colton Brittain and Coy Brittain, $23,500. 3. Carson Cox and Nicky Northcott, $18,550. 4. Kash Koch and Mason Pitts, $13,600. 5. Cason Richey and Calvin Taylor, $11,200. 6. Wyatt Allen and Cole Walker, $10,000. 7. Luke Hisel and Johnny Salvo, $7,500. 8. Dillon Green and Cody Hogan, $5,000.
Average: 1. Tanner Tomlinson and Junior Nogueira, $41,200. 2. Kaleb Driggers and Junior Noguiera, $30,900. 3. Rowdy K. Jones and Gage Williams, $20,600. 4. Trevor Brazile and Joseph Harrison, $10,300.
#14.5 Shootout
Average: 1 Dan Denmark and Spud Denmark, $46,800. 2. Nicky Northcott and Colton Tate, $36,200. 3. Trey Begay and Wyatt Lloyd, $25,500. 4. Robert Pixley and Joe Burk Higgins, $19,200. 5. Dalton Huston and Seth Jones, $17,000. 6. Jason Childers and Tripp Johnson, $15,000. 7. Canyon Pennell and Trevor Brazile, $12,800. 8. Cade Boettcher and Luke Leathers, $10,700.
#13.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Cassidy Boggs and Rhyder Nelson, $60,700. 2. Kolt Watson and Slade Watson, $46,900. 3. Brock Grashius and Oliver White, $33,100. 4. Jason Foegelle and Troy Luevanos, $24,800. 5. Walker Warkentin and Cody Tew, $22,000. 6. Bobby Mote and Harrison Teixeira, $19,300. 7. Joey Hagan and Buck Garza, $16,600. 8. Cesar Melendez and Reydesel Reza, $13,800.
#12.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Shane McCune and Jake Cobb, $72,700. 2. Chance Harman and Blake Walker, II, $56,200. 3. Gilberto Porras and Saul Porras, $39,700. 4. Brody Grashius and Hoot Williams, $29,800. 5. Ty Corneluis and Blake Barnes, $26,550. 6. Avery Fogelle and Dodge Hare, $23,100. 7. Zoey Carpenter and Lucas Koehn, $19,800. 8. Eli Barger and Mike Bacon, $16,500.
#12.5 Legends
Average: 1. Shawn Felton and Craig Mader, $27,400. 2. Jason Fogelle and Josh DeBord, $19,200. 3. Chad Childers and Jay Holmes, $14,600. 4. Cody Gilreath and David Miller, $11,000. 5. Beau Hebert and Cody Bush, $8,200. 6. Terry Kitchens and Neal Wood, $6,400. 7. Scott Kanady and Jeff Kanady, $4,500.
#11.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Levi James and Garrett Hughes, $74,000. 2. Kayce Hawkins and Austyn Ford, $57,300. 3. Jason Brisbois and Brant Cookston, $40,400. 4. Casey Crowell and Ty Ferrell, $30,300. 5. Haze Bruce and Culley Morgan, $26,900. 6. Aaron Raulston and Kelon Andrews, $23,600. 7. Tristin Barton and Trevor Boatwright, $20,200. 8. Colt Mason and Hadlee Oder, $16,800.
#11.5 Legends
Average: 1. Jayme Marcum and Tyler Larson. 2. Keith Heritage and Guy Graden, $18,000. 3. Brody Hinton and Bubba Hartis, $18,000. 4. Jason Boedeker and Justin Parish, $14,100. 5. Chad Cliburn and Jim Baker, $11,500. 6. Ryan Benton and Shaun Berry, $9,000. 7. Josh LeMaster and Clint Humphries, $7,700. 8. Steve Hinson and Keith Coleman, $6,400.
Cinch Ladies Open
Average: 1. Bailey Gubert and Lorraine Moreno, $8,000. 2. Graycee Lay and Olivia Lay, $5,500. 3. Caysen Weidenbener and Abbie Shofner, $4,500. 4. Ryleigh Parker and Kyane Hampton, $3,000. 5. Leah Magnus and Ruby Magnus, $2,000.
#10.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Raesh Casebolt and Brodie Boyce, $74,000. 2. Hunter Corman and Levi Sasser, $57,200. 3. Tristin Barton and Kolton Green, $40,300. 4. Landon Dasilva and Ethan McGhee, $30,300. 5. Jhett Vanderhamm and Traden Lauer, $26,900. 6. Logan Bunn and Josh LeMaster, $23,500. 7./8.Garett McIntire and Sid Harvey, and Eli Arp and Brant Cookston, $18,500.
#9.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Rhyder Rosipal and Kolter Jackson, $73,800. 2. Levi James and Lucas Wille­ford, $57,000. 3. Travis Howell and Katie Fuqua, $30,200. 4. Trenton Nugent and Tell Ross, $30,200. 5. Mike Woolven and Casey Martin, $27,000. 6. Jason Brisbois and Jadon Bailey, $23,500. 7. JJ Goodson and Zane Starns, $20,000. 8. Gabe Wolf and Kase Key, $16,800.
#9.5 Legends
Average: 1. Kelly Cheatham and Brock Middleton, $29,800. 2. Terry Butt and Richard Bruner, $20,200. 3. Jack Bruner and Richard Bruner, $15,900. 4. Bret Carlson and Les Brock, $11,700. 5. Chad Mathis and Robin Bland, $9,500. 6. Michael Smith and JT Haynes, $8,500. 7. Kevin Bell and Mike Chandler, $6,400. 8. Kevin Bell and Mike Chandler, $4,200.
#8.5 Shootout
Average: 1. Cade Ward and Ryder Davis, $51,400. 2. Colton Arrington and Jadon Bailey, $39,700. 3. Gage Hines and Jerrid Greer, $28,000. 4. Cole Clarke and Brit Smith, $21,000. 5. Toler Beauchamp and Byron Fralick, $18,700. 6. Connor Hanna and Will Fussell, $16,400. 7. Brian Lispey and Jose Salas, $14,000.8. Patrick Hemphill and Baylynn Hemphill, $11,700.
#8.5 Legends
Average: 1. Ronnie Hill and Daniel Shehady, $23,200. 2. David Guerra and Karl Mosshart, $15,800. 3. Jack Hicks and Greg Robertson, $12,400. 4. Donnie Wilson and Brick Roberts, $9,100. 5. Mike Manore and RJ Goodwin, $7,500. 6. Kevin Bell and Kevin Steed, $6,600. 7. Jackie Davis and Robin Bland, $5,000. 8. Craig Moore and Kenny Meeks, $3,300.
#9.5 Ram Truck
Average: 1. Karson Stephens and Gatz Michael, $27,700. 2. Bryce Ehlinger and Zane Starns, $20,800. 3. Zane Starns and Maverick Lozano, $15,000. 4. Raphael Sampaio and Rafael Barboza, $12,700. 5. Jesus Leyva and Cole Denny, $10,400. 6. Julian Carrasco and Azael Esquivel, $6,900. 8. Tyler West and Kenny Meeks, $5,700.
Average: 1. Beck Perkins and Kameron Loud, $20,700. 2. Lucas Dunn and Kameron Loud, $15,500. 3. Cael Cantu and Makiah Horton, $11,200. 4. Lucas Dunn and Jeff Derrick, $9,500. 5. Jayson Lee and Frank Vallejo, $7,800. 6. Lane Munz and Albert Aguayo, $6,000. 7. Waylon Ingle and Kameron Loud, $5,200.8. Colt Hilley and Coleman Packard, $4,300.