In The Arena

Bob Feist

  It is so nice to see most rodeos and ropings in full swing after the past two years of COVID restrictions throughout the country. Now the biggest thing that challenges the contestants is the cost of travel. It doesn’t seem to matter how you choose to travel these days, it is very expensive with fuel being the main factor for the timed event contestants that are hauling horses.

  Team ropings and rodeos are back in full swing as we enter the Spring of 2022. It is nice to see things opening up after a shaky couple of years with all of the COVID restrictions. As of this writing, I am in Arizona for many of the ropings going on throughout the state. The Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Roping will be held in Casa Grande again this year under the production of George Aros and company. George has done a great job in adding many other ropings in conjunction with the Cervi roping which gives any roper a chance to rope either with the pros in the Pro Am or in any of the other ropings being offered.

  It is nice to see many events returning to our world of competition. Some having no restrictions and others following local guidelines. It has been announced that this year’s Wrangler National Finals Rodeo will have a mask requirement policy in place. The same mandate will apply in most casinos plus public transportation along with the Cowboy Channel Cowboy Christmas at the Las Vegas Convention Center. See page 40 for more details.

So glad to see the BFI come back to Reno and host the variety of events throughout the week of June 19th-24th. It is always nice to have it tied in with the Reno Rodeo and all of the other ropings going on within the radius of Reno. It has been a shaded past year and a half with all of the restrictions in place and it will be nice to be back in the Silver Legacy hospitality of this great event. If you haven’t made your room reservations, do so now as I’m sure it will be a full house and definitely the place you will want to stay to meet up with old friends and contestants of both the BFI and the Reno Rodeo.