In The Arena

Bob Feist

The month of July is always exciting in the PRCA Standings as many changes take place and tend to give some contestants the shot in the arm they have been waiting for all year.

Another Bob Feist Invitational is over, and I must say it was a great one with some very happy winners, Junior Dees and Lane Siggins with a total time of 44.62 on six head. This year’s short round was one to remember as a large crowd watched the top 15 teams come back for their final run.

The state of California has had its share of rain this winter and it has hurt many of the spring ropings on the West Coast. Some of the lack of teams was due to the bad weather, making the fair-weather ropers stay home due to bad traveling conditions. Plus many of the arenas for the spring ropings are outside. The rough winter meant many ropers have not been able to keep their horses or themselves in condition to rope competitively. As this last week in April comes around, so does the good weather with today being in the 80’s. I look for the ropings to start picking up in numbers from this point on.

It was a busy month with big paying rodeos including The American, RodeoHouston and the Cinch Timed Event Championships held at the famed Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Okla. Congratulations to all of the big money winners at the winter ropings and rodeos.