In The Arena

Bob Feist

Here it is the end of another year with the Wrangler National Finals on tap to determine who the PRCA year-end champion will be. Also the World Series multi-million dollar roping at the South Point Equestrian Center will be making many team ropers happy with their huge payout. This year again shows the popularity of team roping by record payouts across the country and the top 15 showing big dollars won so far, and now the chance to add more big winnings with the lucrative WNFR payout.

I have been up at the ACTRA Finals in Reno for a couple of days and it is good to see so much family participation in all of the events and to see so many young and seasoned ropers roping together and having fun doing it.

I was really happy to hear that Cotton Rosser has been named the 2019 Legend of Pro Rodeo. Cotton and I have been friends over 50 years and it thrills me to see a man like Cotton selected for this award as he has dedicated his entire life to being a cowboy and to the world of rodeo. Many of us in the industry venture out away from the arena from time to time to diversify our lifestyle but Cotton rarely does. For a guy who came from the inner city life of Southern California riding a motorcycle he became quite the cowboy. Cotton was a great all-around hand piloting his own airplane from rodeo to rodeo. A ranch accident put an end to his rough stock riding. He got into the western store business in Marysville, Calif. during his accident rehab by opening a store named Cotton’s Cowboy Corral. He and his wife Karen continue to operate this store today. Be sure and read the story on page 27 about his award and about the presentation that will take place at the South Point Grand Ballroom during the first week of the WNFR.

The month of July is always exciting in the PRCA Standings as many changes take place and tend to give some contestants the shot in the arm they have been waiting for all year.