It was a great week in Reno for the Wrangler BFI Week produced by Ullman-Peterson Events. The BFI was good watching with big strong cattle supplied by Rowly Twisselman over the long 18’ foot score. The short go was one of the best ever with the top 15 coming back to rope their sixth steer. 

The teams that came in the 1, 2 and 3 positions held on to stay in the same place after roping their sixth steer. I never like to see the lead teams have trouble in the short round.


The short round started off with the team of Jeff Flenniken and Wyatt Hansen, who came in with a 51.11 on their first five head. They smoked one in 5.76 knowing that they were in 15th place and had little hope for anything in the average. This time was good enough to win the short round fast time for a good check. The team that came back in the 14th position was JB James and Brock Hanson and they clocked in at 6.87 which gave them a total of 55.81 on 6. This brought up the team of Riley and Brady Minor with a time of 47.84 on five. Riley missed the head shot for a no time. He had roped a great roping up to that point. This team is always a fan favorite and the crowd gave a large moan when they went out.

The team of Chant DeForest and Bronc Boehnlein came back in the number 12 position and roped a fast steer in 4.99, however a barrier cost them another 10 for a total of 61.93. Up to this point this team had showed some great talent for the day. 

Tyler Wojciechowski and Krece Harris came back with a 45.3 on five but took a no time due to a miss on the heel end. This was the second team of the top 15 to go out and brought up the team of Hayes Smith and Cesar DeLaCruz with a 44.92 on 5. They clocked in an 8.09 run which put them in the lead with 53.01 on 6. Their lead was short-lived as the team of Chase Wiley and Martin Lucero clocked a 7.61 run to give them a total of 52.41 and put them in the lead.

Veteran Jake Barnes came back next with partner Tyler Worley and clocked in a 6.64 for a total of 50.11 on six and the new lead of the roping. Travis Bounds and Jesse Sheffield came back in 7th in the short round. They made a run of 7.98 for a total of 51.44 and were sitting in second so far with six teams yet to run. Brandon Beers and Jim Ross Cooper were next to rope and Brandon turned a good steer, however Jim Ross missed his heel shot. 

Thomas Richards came out next and stuck a steer for his partner Tyler McKnight who came in and roped the steer but lost his rope for a no time. This was the fourth and proved to be the last no time of the top 15. Dan Williams and Caleb Twisselman came in sitting fourth, but had a leg on their final steer for a total of 12.03 on the run and a six head total of 52.18. 

Colton Campbell and Jason Duby ended their day with a 7.45 run for a total of 47.27 on six, which took over the lead of the roping. This was short lived when Coleman Proctor and Billie Jack Saebens made their final run in 8.09 for a total of 46.23 on six head. Luke Brown and Jake Long backed into the box in the first place position and held on to the lead with a 7.61 run and a total of 44.70 on six and a green light for the victory lap at this year’s Bob Feist Invitational. This was one happy team and they were all smiles on the winner’s stage to receive the big checks plus all of the goodies.

Congrats to all of the teams who placed in this year’s roping in both the goes and the average.  streamed the event this year and this allowed many team ropers around the world to view the action. Read the press release of the entire roping in this issue of Ropers Sports News

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Many ropers enjoyed four days of roping in nearby Fallon, Nevada, where ropings took place prior to the BFI. The results of some of these ropings are in this issue. Next month we will list the results of the Reno Jr. Roping which was held in conjunction with the BFI on Monday. 

Tommy Lee and Ty Yost hosted ropings prior and after the BFI in Fallon and had good turnouts despite the high temperatures that plagued the week. Congrats to all of the winners. 

Safe travels to all of you over the Fourth of July week and the rest of the summer. 

Winners of the 40th Annual BFI were Luke Brown and Jake Long and runner-ups were Coleman Proctor and Billie Jack Saebens. Pictured left is Corky Ullman and right, Daren Peterson, owners of Ullman-Peterson Events and BFI Week along with Saebens, Long, Brown, Proctor and BFI creator, Bob Feist.– Photo by Olie’s Images


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