Well, the 38th Bob Feist Invitational is over and I’ll be the first to admit that the Wrangler Short Round at this year’s roping was probably one of the greatest ever. The top 15 teams come back in the Wrangler Short Round and it started off with Nick Sartain and Rich Skelton and of course being 15th meant they had to go for the round and they did not draw the best steer and went out of the average with a no time. Team roping fans were just glad to see Rich Skelton back on a horse and competing after a very serious accident.

The next team to rope was the Minor brothers who came back in the 14th spot with a time of 48.26 on five head. Riley turned a great steer and brother Brady roped a leg which proved to be the only leg roped in the short round. After their run it got rapid with the Rob Webb and Dan Webb roping a steer in 7.98 to give them a total of 54.53 on six over the long 18 foot score. Jake Cooper and Tyler McKnight were the next team and they were going to be fast but the steer went down a little when Jake went off with him and they clocked a 6.93 run which put them in the lead with 50.76 on six. 

That brought up the 11th team back, Spencer Mitchell and Justin Davis, who put a 5.85 run together to take over the lead with a 49.33 on six which was good enough for them to win eighth and $11,000 plus the short round check of $4,000 for the team. The next team was Bubba Buckaloo and Russell Cardoza who made a 6.24 run and gave them a total time of 49.57, good enough for 9th when it was all over.

No one weakened after that with Clay Smith and Paul Eaves clocking a 6.39 run on their sixth steer giving them a total on six of 49.64 which didn’t place. That brought up Charly Crawford and Shay Carroll and Charly roped a good steer but whipped it off for a no time. Then came the team of Chad Masters and Travis Graves who made a 7.04 run to total 48.28 Which earned them 7th place.

The run that brought down the house was the run of Jake Barnes and Junior Nogueira. Jake roped the steer and when he went off the steer got in the ground and looked uncatchable but then Junior delivered his heel loop and picked up two for a 6.53 run which made them 46.71 on the six and won them 6th and $16,000. This is when the Wrangler Round got even better as Derrick Begay came out with partner Clay O’Brien Cooper and made a 6.23 run good enough for third in the short round and total of 46.39 on six which earned then $33,000 for fourth in the average.

Next up was Luke Brown and Kollin VonAhn who clocked a 6.98 run for a total of 46.65 on six and ended up fifth and took home $21,000 for the team. This is when it got good with just three teams left to rope. Aaron Tsinigine and Ryan Motes made a 6.21 run for a total of 44.74 and the lead in the roping. This brought up Paul David Tierney and Levi Tyan who came into the short round with a time of 37.47 on five head. Paul David threw one of the worst head loops of the short round and somehow managed to make it legal and Levi picked up two feet for a time of 8.19 which gave them a total of 45.66 on the six head and put them in second. 

This brought up the lead team of Erich Rogers and Cory Petska who came into the sixth round with 36.67 on five head which left them 8.06 to win the BFI. Erich came out and turned the steer and Cory came in for two feet for a time of 6.16 and a total of 42.83 on six to win the 38th Annual Bob Feist Invitational. That time would be recorded as the second fastest time on six in the history of the BFI. Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith hold the record with a time of 40.54 set in 2013. This win was good enough for $120,000 to the winners plus Gist buckles and many other great prizes.

When it was all over the stats on the Wrangler Round looked like this. Twelve clean catches all under 8.19, one plus five run and two misses. Awesome. Congrats to  all of the winners of this year’s BFI.

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The one thing that irritates me more than anything during the BFI event is the other ropings that have come in ahead of the BFI. When Perry started the Reno Rodeo Invitational it was fine the day after the BFI and ropers could come and watch the BFI and get pumped for the RRI. The two ropings complemented each other. 

Now other producers have jumped in and produce ropings ahead of the BFI Monday and these ropings tend to take spectators away from the BFI in the sense that they go to these other ropings and the majority do not win so they are disgusted and go home rather than stay and watch some of the best roping of the year by some of the best in the business. 

Those who are entered in the RRI stay around and come on Monday and watch but those that aren’t load up and go home. I will be the first to agree that it is not easy if you are hauling horses to find a place for them for a couple more nights to stay around.

When I created the Bob Feist Invitational I purposely put it on a Monday, so as not to interfere with any rodeos or ropings that were already established. I wanted it to be a special day when the non pro roper could come and watch some of the best in the world rope and maybe learn something. The BFI has turned into a huge social event of the year where one can go and see old friends, mix and mingle and maybe even do a little shopping or gaming. 

I know how it is to travel to a roping and spend two or three days away from home with horses in tow and when one isn’t winning, it is a pretty easy decision to load up and go home. The last thing someone wants to do is go watch some ropers that do it all right and win. When I watch golf and see the thousands of hobbyist golfers who go to watch the good golfers play and admire their skills of the game they all love, I think of the BFI and wish more ropers would come and support this event and the PROS. This is why this event was created.

I know the producers have very successful ropings but I wish they would have them some other time than the two days before the BFI. It would be nice if there was a facility where all the events could be held that would accommodate all of the horses and ropers, however at this time there isn’t. 

The BFI was here first and the other producers came in and capitalized on what was established and I’m sure they have no intent of hurting the BFI but in the long run, they have. In the early years I hosted ropings before the BFI and discontinued them, for I saw the people leaving and going home on Sunday night. There is a great party at the Silver Legacy Sunday night that many do not attend because they have gone home or are tired and have had enough roping. 

Thanks to all of you who have supported this event over the years as a fan or sponsor. You have made this roping what it is today along with the producers. You should be proud of this roping and who knows, someday you or a member of your family will be roping at this great event.

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