May was a very busy month with many roping and rodeo events including the Rancheros Visitadores Ride. This month the weather has been like all four seasons, and many of the spring rodeos have had to deal with some adverse conditions. All in all, the events have been great with better than average attendance and entries. 

The Rancheros Ride saw many ropers from all over the world come to rope in the many events. It is always good to see some of these ropers that you only see once a year. 

Speaking of seeing ropers only once a year, this year’s BFI is June 20th and once again we will see some of the best ropers in the world come and compete for the coveted title. This year will mark the 39th annual event and will once again be held in Reno, Nev. in conjunction with the Reno Rodeo. 

Many Bob Feist Invitational fans and contestants will be staying at the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino which serves as host hotel each year. This year they have some fun entertainment planned during the Rodeo and BFI week with the “Three Doors Down” band appearing on the 25th of June. The BFI pre-party will be on Sunday June 19th at the Legacy. Be sure and make your plans now for this years premier event.

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The PRCA spring rodeos are in full swing and with many of the names of the past competing in the ERA, the standings in the PRCA have been listing some new names in the top 15. Clay Smith of Oklahoma continues to lead the Heading division over Kolton Schmidt of Barrhead, Alberta. It is nice to see the Canadians doing well in the standings. Kolton has been impressive to watch this Spring and has displayed some strong talent. His fellow Canadian, Jeremy Buhler, is showing his skills in the Heeling division and is currently in the top 10 of the 2016 Weather Guard PRCA Standings.  Paul Eaves of Lonedell, Missouri continues to lead the Heeling standings teamed up with Clay Smith. Russell Cardoza is in second in the Heeling and third in the All-Around. Russell could have a great year and can work three events at most rodeos and sometimes four events if steer roping is offered. Ryan Jarrett continues to lead the All-Around race, a title he won in 2005 and he has also made a great showing at the Timed Event Championship in Oklahoma. It should be a good race in the All-Around this year as Clayton Hass is making his bid for the title as well. Caleb Smidt is also a contender as is Josh Peek. All of the top leaders in that race are timed event contestants. 

Trevor Brazile has dominated the All-Around for many years in the PRCA and this year has chosen to compete in the ERA rodeos which makes him ineligible for the PRCA competition because he is an owner and director of the ERA. Many other top names have dropped out of the standings of the PRCA as they chose to go the ERA route at this time. Many of them are shareholders in this newest rodeo endeavor and are committed to staying with the ERA for the time being. I commend them for staying with their dream and continuing to support what they believe. 

This past weekend the ERA was in Albuquerque, New Mex. and featured instant replay for review of judges’ calls if a contestant challenged a call. All in all, it went well and in favor of the contestant in all cases challenged. The rodeo produced some very fast times in the timed event and pleased the crowd when a couple of times were changed because of the judges’ decisions after the review.

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This past weekend I attended the Nick Dashnaw Memorial Roping at the JPK Arena in Agua Dulce, Calif. There was a huge turnout of ropers, fans, family and friends who came to celebrate in memory of Nick. Shawn Howell was the ramrod. The fan list included many of Hollywood’s great stunt and actor personnel. Where else could you go to a roping and have In and Out Burgers served free all day, along with free Coors Light! The roping event brought out past world champion H.P. Evetts along with his family. It was great to see many old friends and supporters of such a great event. They even had a ribbon roping for many of the non-ropers. A petting zoo was also a favorite for fans of all ages.

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Look forward to seeing all of you in Reno for the 39th Bob Feist Invitational.



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