In The Arena

Bob Feist

Here it is December and we are back in Las Vegas ready for another Wrangler NFR. The year has gone by quickly and has brought some changes to the line-up this year. Some of it was brought on by the Elite Rodeo Association having their first year of competition which took some of the familiar names off this year’s WNFR list. Some of the new names competing this year in the Thomas and Mack are just pure talent that have joined the ranks of the PRCA. It will be a great Finals as always and with the big money that is up for grabs some world titles will be decided this first week in December.

Fall has arrived in most states and as I write this, Finals are happening everywhere across the country. Some snowbirds have already moved camp to Arizona to partake in all of the roping opportunities available during the winter months. Yost Productions as well as Dynamite Productions are in full swing with their winter schedules offering ropings for a wide variety of ropers.

It’s that time of year when the contestants who are on the bubble will be going to every rodeo possible to try and secure a position in the top 15 at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER in Las Vegas.  

It has been a close race in many of the events for the bottom positions, more so than the top three positions. With the money up for grabs at this year’s WNFR, the world titles could belong to anyone qualifying. Mary Burger of Pauls Valley, Okla., has the largest lead in the Barrel Racing at this writing. She is some $74,000 ahead of the second place lady, Jackie Ganter.

May was a very busy month with many roping and rodeo events including the Rancheros Visitadores Ride. This month the weather has been like all four seasons, and many of the spring rodeos have had to deal with some adverse conditions. All in all, the events have been great with better than average attendance and entries. 

The Rancheros Ride saw many ropers from all over the world come to rope in the many events. It is always good to see some of these ropers that you only see once a year.