More Winning Ways by Lyndee Stairs

by: Lyndee Stairs, May 2012

Some Second Barrel Problems & How To Solve Them

If I can tell you to focus on only one thing, it is APPROACH, APPROACH, APPROACH. Approaching the barrel you are about to turn correctly will make for a great turn.

by: Lyndee Stairs, April 2012

This is the most complete turn of the three. The second barrel is sometimes the most difficult, since it usually sits on the wall, fence or bucking chutes. Let me say this: To have a great second barrel you have to leave the first one in the correct position.

by: Lyndee Stairs, March 2012

Some First Barrel Problems
& Some Ideas On Solving Them: Part 2 of First Barrels

Now, if your horse stops working and suddenly begins doing bad things, check to see that he is not hurting anywhere or that your equipment is right and fitting properly. Or, was his training rushed? Are you asking him to do something before he is capable and confident? Sometimes a horse will work well for a while, then his lack of training will catch up with him.

by: Lyndee Stairs, Feb. 2012

     It has to be said:  You can have the best horse and be the best rider, but you will still need timing. You have to spend lots of time riding, maybe getting lessons. Watching and analyzing your videos can help too.