Saddles were awarded to the high money #3 & Under and #3 & Over at the Doyle Hoskins Memorial. Darrick Hoskins (c) presents saddles to the winners, Tyler Jones and Matt Costa.

By Tammy Hoskins
Special to Ropers Sports News

SANGER, CALIF. – The 16th Annual Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial Team Roping and 14th Annual Barrel Race were held July 11th & 12th at the S Bar J Arena.

It’s hard to believe we have been putting on this Memorial for 16 years. We love being able to celebrate the life of a man who was so passionate about roping, riding, family, friends, and life. This year was a little extra challenging with the pandemic and not even knowing until two weeks prior whether or not we could have the event. Thanks to a great friend who has a great private facility we were able to pull it off. Steve Simons, you not only have great cattle, an amazing crew and facility; you also have top-notch barrel racing ground. With a new location this year we were able to meet a new group of supporters who we hope come see us when we are back in Salinas in 2021. It was a hot weekend with temperatures reaching 111. Even though we loved the Sanger facility, we are excited about going back to the cooler temperatures on the coast next year in Salinas.
This event would not be possible without our generous sponsors Joey and Gina Acevedo, Serv Aero Engineering, Stan Branco with Zestera, Best Ever Pads, My Automotive Group, Scott Thomas Saddlery, and Jodi Reese Designs.
The roping on Saturday ran amazing thanks to our efficient office crew. Thank you so much to Toni Machado, Cory Couch and Lee Ann Hansen for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you to Billy Butler and Blaine Lockett for flagging all day, you guys did a fantastic job. The ground for the barrel race Sunday was fantastic! Thank you Darrick Hoskins for driving the tractor for us and making the ground superb. A special shout out to Allie Hoskins and Sheanna DeForest for all your help with announcing, taking entries, running the office, doing the draws, and making sure everything ran smoothly for the race. We would also like to thank Candy Forsberg, JD Escobar, McKenna Wood, Heather Luther, Sherry Morris, Rebecca Grimes, CJ DeForest, Doyle Hoskins, Alan Berryessa, Nadene Berryessa and anyone else that opened a gate, picked up a hat or set up a barrel, you all helped make our barrel race run smoothly.
A total of 713 teams competed for the prestigious awards at the Doyle W. Hoskins Memorial Roping. Winners of the #7 Handicap Pick & Draw received Skyline knives dedicated to Colin Coady, winners of the Open Draw Pot received halters dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr. The Junior/Senior, Mixed, Century winners received Skyline Vaquero buckles dedicated to Pat Deaton. The #9 Handicap Pick & Draw winners received a Skyline Vaquero back cinch with buckles.
High money winners Matt Costa, #3.5 & over, and Tyler Jones, #3 & under, received fully tooled Scott Thomas Saddles. Second high money winners Nick Gonzales #3.5 & over and Trent Jones #3 & under received Skyline Vaquero buckles. Third high money winners Monty Joe Petska #3.5 & over and Michael Dinkins #3 & under won Scott Thomas breastcollars. Our Best Ever saddle pad winners were Sami Jo DeForest and Jessica Cardoza.
The barrel race had $1,000 in added money. Each 4D division winner received a Skyline Vaquero buckle, second place received a Jody Reese halter, third place received a Jody Reese picture frame (dedicated to Ruth Haislip), and fourth place received a bottle of Zestera donated by Stan Branco. The junior and senior division winners received Jody Reese halters. In addition to our Open and Junior 4D Barrel Race we had a Pee Wee Barrel Race with the fastest in the leadline and the fastest in the peewee receiving a Skyline Vaquero buckle.
Results follow and roping payoffs are per man.
#7 HDCP Pick & Draw (Dedicated to Colin Coady):  3 for $30, 308 teams.
1st go: 1. Clay Ruiz and Brent Lockett 6.11, $235. 2. Tanner Brumley and Justin Sorensen 6.23, $140. 3. Jake Raine and CJ DeForest 6.24, $95.
Average: 1. Tanner Brumley and Justin Sorensen, 21.12, $1,260. 2. Nick Gonzales and Monty Joe Petska, 21.75, $880. 3. Tyson Perez and Cord Forzano, 22.19, $670. 4. Tyler Jones and Monty Joe Petska, 22.88, $505. 5. Cesar Varela and Matt Costa, 22.97, $375. 6. Tyson Perez and Matt Costa, 24.01, $295. 7. Larry Branco and Mike Christensen, 24.47, $210.
Open Draw Pot (Dedicated to Jim Rodriguez Sr): 3 for $30, 162 teams.
1st. go: 1. Nick Gonzales and Ryan Williams, 5.38, $125. 2. Mike Christensen and Monty Joe Petska, 5.58, $75. 3. Cutter Machado and Bronc Boehnlein, 5.84, $50.
Average: 1. Nick Gonzales and Matt Costa, 18.99, $795. Ty Shintaku and PK Kennedy, 19.63, $565. 3. Doyle Hoskins and Matt Costa, 20.18, $430. 4. Billy Butler and Craig Fehlman, 21.30, $320. 5. Justin Wood and Matt Costa, 22.19, $160.
JR/SR, Mixed, Century #6 Hdcp (Dedicated to Pat Deaton): 3 for $30, 134 teams.
1st go: 1. Chant DeForest and Frank Perez, 4.99, $135. 2. Tyler Jones and Mike Christensen 6.09, $80. 3.Tyler Jones and C,raig Fehlman, 6.17, $55.
Average: 1. Dominic Patino Jr. and Trent Jones, 20.72, $845. 2. Pat Boyle and Sami Jo DeForest, 23.97, $605. 3. Jessica Cardoza and Tanner Smith, 24.43, $460. 4.  Alan Berryessa and Monty Joe Petska, 24.62, $340. 5. Lacey Bourdet and Spencer Mitchell, 25.47, $170.
#9 Hdcp Pick & Draw:  3 for $30, 109 teams
1st go: 1. Michael Dinkins and Matt Costa, 5.99, $105. 2. Chant DeForest and Bronc Boehnlein, 6.30, $70.
Average: 1st. Michael Dinkins and Matt Costa, 18.31, $565. 2. Tyler Jones and Chance Machado, 19.81, $405. 3. Colton Miller and Chance Machado, 21.02, $305. 4. Matt Erwin and Tristan Luther, 21.43, $225. 5. Lacey Bourdet and Kevin Wilkinson, 24.63, $115.
Pee Wee Barrel Racing:
Lead Line, 6 entries: 1. Miley Fahoum, buckle
Pee Wee, 15 entries: 1.   Gemma Tong, buckle
Junior Barrel Racing: 24 entries
1D: 1. Addison Escobar on Royal Ramblin Rose, 16.596, $100. 2. Lacee Schliesser on Solid Hay Patch, 16.853, $66. 2D: 1. Trew Mitchell on R First French Kiss, 17.204, $91. 2. Shea Greidanus on Faith, 17.307, $61. 3D: 1. Jenna Blake on Oklahoma Shiner, 17.753, $80. 2. Deven Skouti on Epic General, 17.987, $53. 4D: 1. Abbi Goodwin on Roxie 18.665, $71. 2. Keely Caglia on Silly 19.524, $48.
Open Barrel Racing: 136 entries.
1D: 1. Erin Ricotti on HG Buckshot Bill, 16.304, $491. 2. Lyndee Stairs on Kaboomer 16.341, $412. 3. Shelby Sullivan on Cashin N Chex, 16.425, $353. 4. Jesslyn Blank on JM Dun It Twice, 16.536, $275. 5. Addison Escobar on Royal Ramblin Rose, 16.596, $196. 6. Kathy Petska on Jeffrey, 16.603, $137. 7. Michelle Silva on Shanaynay, 16.613, $98.
2D: 1. Lacee Schliesser on Solid Hay Patch, 16.853, $448. 2. Brittany Moore on Kidd, 16.859, $376. 3. Alea Cunningham on Little Bit, 16.862, $323. 4. Lacey Lockard on Rare Sixy Jet, 16.867, $251. 5. Donna Cohn on Catz, 16.882, $179. 6. Ricci Warnock on The Good Judge, 16.887, $125. 7. Jenna Owens on Pepinics Sparkle, 16.892, $90.
3D: 1. Shea Greidanus on Faith, 17.307, $391. 2. Shannon Shade on Victory Way, 17.308, $328. 3. Tiffany Bert on Tital, 17.313, $281. 4. Aubree Stapp on Sweet N Dashing, 17.315, $219. 5. Rachel Magdaleno on Dragons Shining Hope, 17.319, $156. 6. Candy Forsberg on Freckles, 17.338, $109. 7. Taylor Rogers on DH Zipper Girl, 17.347, $78.
4D: 1. Stephanie Evetts on PC Dox Drifter, 18.346, $348. 2. Cali Clark on Rosie, 18.552, $292. 3. Jessica Erwin on Roanie, 18.616, $251. 4. Debbie Hicks on Faithful Message, 18.645, $195. 5. Skyler Peoples on Guns, 18.649, $139. 6. Kristie Fowler on Booty, 18.661, $97. 7. Wendy Hudson on Dually 18.722, $70.
Senior Side Pot:  15 entries
1D: 1. Lyndee Stairs on Kaboomer, 16.341, $95. 2D: 1. Sherry Zacher on Who Dat Dynasty, 17.047, $85. 3D: 1. Tammy Hoskins on Frosty Orphan Bear, 17.565, $72. 4D: 1. Debbie Hicks on Faithful Message, 18.645, $63.

This year we were able to keep the tradition going and were able to give away $5,500 in scholarships. Congratulations to this year’s CHSRA District 4 recipients Kenneth Moore, Gracie Bolin/Mansmith, Brittany Moore, Madison Camozzi, Hailee Westrick, David Nino, and Lilla Bell.  We have given away over $35,000 in scholarship money over the years and hope to be able to continue the tradition.  
See you all next year!

Dominic Patino, Jr. and Trent Jones won the Jr./Sr./Mixed/Century average.

5 & Under Dummy Roping winner Karson Boyle won a Vaquero buckle presented by Shiloh DeForest.

Jessica Cardoza and Michael Dinkins received high money awards from Darrick Hoskins.

Matt Costa and Nick Gonzales were the winners of the Open Draw Pot.

#9 Handicap average winners were Michael Dinkins and Matt Costa.

Darrick Hoskins presents a Best Ever Pad to Sami Jo DeForest for being the highest place girl at the Doyle Hoskins Memorial. Shiloh DeForest and Cooper DeForest also present.