• USTRC Finals Hosts More Than 6,300 Teams

    Bogar Rascon was the winner of the 2022 RAM #9.5 truck at the USTRC NFTR XXXIII held April 24-May 1 in Fort Worth, Texas. Click photo for complete story.

  • Hope T & Whitney D Dominate BFI All-Girl

    On top of their $20,000 champs’ check, Thompson and DeSalvo were presented Cactus Saddles, Charlie 1 Horse Hats, Gist Buckles, YETI Carryalls, Justin Boots, Cactus Saddlery Pads, Heel-O-Matic Bones and Hox, and Cactus Ropes. BFI producers Corky Ullman (l) and Daren Peterson present the awards. – Andersen CbarC Photo Click photo for full story...

  • Goforth & Anaya Do Work At BFI Businessman Roping

    For roping four steers in 34.19, Goforth and Anaya scored $140,000, Cactus Saddles, Heel-O-Matic Bones and Hox, Gist Buckles, Resistol Hats, Yeti Roadies, Justin Boots, Cactus Ropes, Texas Saddlery Briefcases and HATPACS. BFI producers Corky Ullman and Daren Peterson present their awards. (Andersen CbarC Photo) Click photo for full story

  • Daylon Swearingen Crowned 2022 PBR World Champion

    Daylon Swearingen was not only crowned the 2022 PBR World Champion, he also was the champion of the PBR World Finals. He received a check for $300K for the World Finals average and a million dollar bonus as world champion. (Bull Stock Media Photo) Click photo for full story.

Three Rivers saddle winners Randon Rivera and Cole Dodds. Presenting are Eric Cozzitorto and Holly Peltzer, Three Rivers Lions Club President. – Deb Mann Photo

Special To Ropers Sports News

THREE RIVERS, CALIF. – The past three years the world seems to have been turned upside down. This year, Three Rivers, a roping celebrating 70 years of family gatherings, was back on track. Some would say it was a sign that some things were getting back to normal. The Three Rivers Roping is something that ropers from all over the state of California would always have on their must-make list.

On Thursday April 21 the roping kicked off with a One Over 40 roping. The team that would win the roping was Tanner James and Franky Martinez. The Open Roping $1K added, had a new wrinkle to the format. The Open teams would rope muleys for the first time at Three Rivers.
  It was the team of Cash Duty and Spencer Mitchell that would take home the win. As Thursday came to a close, it looked like Mother Nature was going to bring a little rain to the foothill community. Roping producer Eric Cozzitorto and his crew buttoned things up to prepare for whatever was to come.
  Friday morning started off a little concerning. Eric and his crew got things going with the Century Roping. Franky Martinez and Nolan Twisselman would pick up the championship buckles in this roping. As the day continued, the sun came out and the ropings picked up considerately. The Mixed, Jr/Sr would see 133 teams entered. This was a very competitive roping showcasing some great young ropers and impressive ladies. The 2022 champions would be Jessica Cardoza and Cayden Cox. Congratulations!
  Next would be the All Girl Roping, with 50 teams entered. It would be Meghan McNulty and Casey Hall taking the victory lap.
The day would end with the Earl McKee Calf Branding with $1,000 added to both days. This is a crowd favorite as some of the best ropers in the world can find it very challenging. Many of the spectators picked up some Three Rivers Lions famous Tri-Tip dinners and settled in to watch and see who would come back to the Championship Sunday Finals. Eventual winners would be Bobby Roberts, Brayden Schmidt, Matt Wells and Brent Pascoe taking home the win at Sunday’s finals.
  Saturday morning as the sun came up over the Sierras, you could tell it was going to be a perfect day for some great team roping. The teams on Saturday would be roping the first half of a six steer average, which would conclude on Championship Sunday. There would be two ropings, an #8.5 and #5.5. The #5.5 Roping would be a memorial in memory of Robert Lea. Robert produced last year’s 2021 Three Rivers Roping and was set to take over annually. Late 2021 he passed, way too young. It was a huge shock to all, but we are sure he was looking down with that big Robert Lea smile. Saturday ended with a #4.5 Roping which drew 159 teams. The team of Mike Sweeney and Gary Santos would show up to claim the championship buckles in this roping.
  The Saturday and Sunday ropings drew a very impressive 798 total teams.
  On championship Sunday the six steerr average winners of the #8.5 roping were Buck Cardoza and Gavin Cardoza, who would pick up the very prestigious championship buckles.
  The #5.5 Robert Lea Memorial Roping would see the team of Randon Rivera and Cole Dodds walk away with those championship buckles.
  A message from roping producer Eric Cozzitorto, “I would like to thank the Three Rivers Lions Club for this opportunity; J&J Farms, Jodie and John Hanggi; Greg Dixion; Mid Valley Disposal; Quinn Rentals; Visalia Livestock Market; Lamarsh Construction & Concrete; San Joaquin Pest Control & Experienced Gardener for all your donations and time, THANK YOU! And last but not least, thank you to our flagger Ward Fuhlendorf, best chute man in the business CARLOS, our ground men and office ladies who kept the roping running smoothly through a four day weekend. Thank you for your hard work. It takes a small army to have a four-day event like this and without you all none of this would be possible!”

Results from the four days of ACTRA ropings follow:
April 21
#8.5 Hdcp One Over 40: 4 for $50, 53 teams
1st go: 1. Cutter Machado and Todd Hampton, 6.10, $165. 2. Tanner James and Franky Martinez, 6.37, $115.
Average: 1. Tanner James and Franky Martinez, 35.47, $465. 2. Marcey Chaves and Lane Karney, 376.86, $350. 3. Derrek Hee and Jake Bourdet, 38.30, $235. 4. Ryan Eaton Sr. and Dylan Dishion, 41.28, $115.
Open Muley: 5 for $200, 31 teams
1st go: 1. Cash Duty and Dalton Pearce, 5.83, $330. 2/3/4/5. Spencer Mitchell and Jason Duby; Spencer Mitchell and Jake Bourdet; Lane Lowry and Jake Bourdet; Lane Lowry and Jason Duby, 6.23, $275. 6. Spencer Mitchell and Jason Duby, 6.03, $220.
Average: 1. Cash Duty and Spencer Mitchell, 37.78, $1,400. 2. Derrek Hee and Dalton Pearce, 41.24, $1,080. 3. Tanner James and Dalton Pearce, 43.44, $780.
April 22
Century #10.5 Hdcp: 4 for $50, 26 teams
1st go: 1. Ryan Eaton and Paul Mullins, 6.96, $90.
Average: 1. Franky Martinez and Nolan Twisselman, 26.59, $310. 2. Don Crowder and John Chaves, 34.67, $205.
Mixed Jr/sr #7 Hdcp: 3 for $40, 133 teams
1st go: 1. Ross Rivera and Gavin Cardoza, 4.97, $270. 2. Cayden Cox and Chase Helton, 5.39, $200. 3. Jessica Cardoza and Chase Helton, 6.23, $150.
Average: 1. Jessica Cardoza and Cayden Cox, 21.41, $715. 2. Shelly Pascoe and Matt Wells, 22.01, $600. 3. Breanna Blaswich and Cole Dodds, 22.38, $470. 4. Melia Dishion and Franky Martinez, 23.58, $345. 5. Jessica Small and Spencer Mitchell, 24.45, $220. 6. Breanna Blaswich and Tristen Luther, 24.67, $125.
All Girl #7 Hdcp: 3 for $40, 45 teams
1st go: 1. Eleni Pateras and Shelly Pascoe, 9.47, $125.
Average: 1. Meghan McNulty and Casey Hall, 29.92, $430. 2. Georgene Mielke and Ali Bilkey, 30.78, $290.
April 23
#8.5 Roping: 3 for $50
First 3 steer: 105 teams
1st go: 1. Cobie Dodds and Franky Martinez, 6.19, $190. 2. Ross Rivera and Will Cowden, 6.35, $110. 3. Frances Borden and Tanner Patino, 6.76, $80.
Average: 1. Cobie Dodds and Cole Dodds, 19.38, $740. 2. Colt Cowden and Will Cowden, 21.80, $570. 3. Buck Cardoza and Gavin Cardoza, 23.23, $400. 4. Will Cowden and Chase Helton, 23.41, $260. 5. Paul Devine and Cole Dodds, 23.70, $150.
#5.5 Roping: 3 for $50
First 3 steer: 197 teams
1st go: 1. Francisco Cruz and Tanner Patino, 5.64, $340. 2. Justin Duran and Chase Helton, 6.33, $265. 3. Mike Rankin and Tim Gaither, 6.88, $190.
Average: 1. Randon Rivera and Cole Dodds, 23.33, $1,160. 2. Anna Sackman and Nolan Twisselman, 27.22, $960. 3. Melia Dishion and Gavin Eaton, 27.44, $760. 4. Ron Garcia and Rusty Green, 31.95, $560. 5. Shelly Pascoe and Brent Pascoe, 32.08, $360. 6. Cobie Dodds and Tyler Willis, 32.83, $200.
#4.5 Pick Or Draw: 3 for $40, 159 teams
1st go: 1. Garrett Baker and Tyler Willis, 7.28, $260. 2. Joey Kourafas and George Alviso, 7.77, $200. 3. Kelton Martinez and Ross Rivera, 7.94, $140.
Average: 1. Mike Sweeney and Gary G. Santos, 26.86, $880. 2. Ethan Asbury and Peter G. Barrios, 28.19, $730, 3. Corinne Manes and Cris Robles, 29.70, $575. 4. Mike Rankin and Tyson Porter, 30.78, $425. 5. Jessica Small and Toby Gordon, 31.05, $275. 6. Robert Jernigan and Evan Anderson, 31.30, $150.
April 24
#8.5 ROPING, second 3 steer: 116 teams
1st go: 1. Billy Butler and Paul Mullins, 5.55, $215. 2. Kari Riveira and Cash Duty, 5.93, $165. 3. Francisco Cruz and Franky Martinez, 5.95, $120.
Average: 1. Bodi Dodds and Cole Dodds, 18.94, $670. 2. Kyle Manes and Rodney Riveira 19.18, $555. 3. Tammy White and Cash Duty, 20.85, $450. 4. Buck Cardoza and Gavin Cardoza, 22.54, $335. 5. Zane Denio and Tony Boggs, 24.09, $220.
Long average 6 steer, 22 teams: 1. Buck Cardoza and Gavin Cardoza, 45.77, $660. 2. Donald Ornellas and Tim Gaither, 55.92, $395. 3. Bodie Dodds and Paul Mullins, 53.55, $265.
#5.5 ROPING, second 3 steer: 221 teams
1st go: 1. Georgia Lockett and Cole Dodds, 6.58, $450. 2. Shelly Pascoe and Clayton Vincent, 6.81, $350. 3. John Vincent Jr. and Clayton Vincent, 7.11, $250.
Average: 1. Francisco Cruz and Tanner Patino, 24.54, $1,135. 2. Clayton Greynolds and Tony Boggs, 24.75, $960. 3. Chad Marcotte and Stephen Howard, 24.88, $790. 4. Anna Sackman and Paul Mullins, 26.71, $610. 5. Corinne Manes and Marty Williams, 27.13, $435. 6. Parker Jones and Trey White, 27.38, $260. 7. Georgia Lockett and Cole Dodds, 28.08, $175.
Long average 6 steer, 22 teams: 1. Randon Rivera and Cole Dodds, 56.11, $1,100. 2. Corinne Manes and Marty Williamson, 63.60, $845. 3. Eleni Pateras and Paul Mullins, 67.03, $615.