• USTRC Finals Hosts More Than 6,300 Teams

    Bogar Rascon was the winner of the 2022 RAM #9.5 truck at the USTRC NFTR XXXIII held April 24-May 1 in Fort Worth, Texas. Click photo for complete story.

  • Hope T & Whitney D Dominate BFI All-Girl

    On top of their $20,000 champs’ check, Thompson and DeSalvo were presented Cactus Saddles, Charlie 1 Horse Hats, Gist Buckles, YETI Carryalls, Justin Boots, Cactus Saddlery Pads, Heel-O-Matic Bones and Hox, and Cactus Ropes. BFI producers Corky Ullman (l) and Daren Peterson present the awards. – Andersen CbarC Photo Click photo for full story...

  • Goforth & Anaya Do Work At BFI Businessman Roping

    For roping four steers in 34.19, Goforth and Anaya scored $140,000, Cactus Saddles, Heel-O-Matic Bones and Hox, Gist Buckles, Resistol Hats, Yeti Roadies, Justin Boots, Cactus Ropes, Texas Saddlery Briefcases and HATPACS. BFI producers Corky Ullman and Daren Peterson present their awards. (Andersen CbarC Photo) Click photo for full story

  • Daylon Swearingen Crowned 2022 PBR World Champion

    Daylon Swearingen was not only crowned the 2022 PBR World Champion, he also was the champion of the PBR World Finals. He received a check for $300K for the World Finals average and a million dollar bonus as world champion. (Bull Stock Media Photo) Click photo for full story.

By Kendra Santos
GUTHRIE, OKLA. – Hope Thompson and Whitney DeSalvo are a time-tested team to be reckoned with. They’re the best of friends, and that chemistry has spilled straight into their super-successful partnership. Thompson and DeSalvo roped four steers in 30.78 seconds to take the $20,000 title at the BFI Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping, and daylighted the 174-team field by 7.86 seconds. Thompson and DeSalvo have now won this roping two of the last three years, and were the reserve champs that third year.
Hope and Whitney took a half-second lead over the pack into the short round, and slammed the door with a snappy 7.22-second run.
“Winning is why we enter,” smiled Thompson, who’s a two-time Women’s Professional Rodeo Association world champion header, and also owns a WPRA breakaway roping title and a World Champions Rodeo Alliance heeling championship. “A repeat win with Whitney is pretty special, because she’s one of my best friends. I love her. She’s awesome.”
Four-time WPRA World Champion Heeler DeSalvo is the first-ever and only female 8 heeler in roping history.
“I struggled so bad early in the day today,” Whitney said humbly. “I had great partners, but of the first three steers I ran, I missed two and slipped a leg on the other one. I caught both of those steers I missed, then lost both feet. I placed in the first round with Lari Dee (Guy), then turned around and missed our second one.
“I told Hope before we roped our first steer, ‘I’m catching ’em, I just don’t know if I can keep ’em in it. If it goes on, you might want to hold your breath a little.’”
The daughter-mom team of Rylea and Debbie Fabrizio roped four steers in 38.64 for second and $7,500 in the BFI Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl. Kersti Passig and Lenay Willie were 27.42 on three to take the 9.5 Incentive. Passig and Willie were presented $3,750, Cactus Saddles, Charlie 1 Horse Hats, Gist Buckles, YETI Carryalls, Cactus Saddlery Pads, Heel-O-Matic Bones and Hox, and Cactus Ropes. In case you’re curious, a World Series barrier was used for the All-Girl.
Thompson and DeSalvo first won the BFI Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping together in 2020, when the BFI moved to the Lazy E. They were second last year, then struck again in 2022.
“We’ve pretty much been roping together since I started team roping,” said Hope, who calls Abilene, Texas home. “It started first as a friendship. We’ve been really good friends for a really long time. We’ve had so much fun, and have won a lot of ropings together.
“Whitney is absolutely the most dominant woman heeler in the world today. And if you don’t even segregate it, she fits right in at any open roping. She’s a freak at what she does. Heeling’s her #1 passion, but if she worked as hard at the heading or breakaway, she’d be just as dominant in those, too. I just shake my head at how effortless she makes it look. Whitney’s a badass.”
Hope T can’t quite decide which event she likes best.
“I’m not sure I could pick,” said the talented roper, clinician and horse trainer, who’s a 5+ header and a 4+ heeler. “I’m really passionate about training the breakaway horses. But anytime you put a rope in my hand, I love it all.”
Hope rode her sorrel giant Andre, who she bought and trained as a 4-year-old and is 11 now. Whitney rode her 11-year-old sorrel mare, Becky.
“We drew good steers,” Hope said. “But when I back in there with Whitney, I’m in no hurry. She gives me so much confidence. Knowing that we’ll be fine if I just score, rope and turn the steer makes it fun and easy.
“And what can you not say about the Lazy? I love it here. It’s awesome. We roped good steers. The ground was awesome. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get to rope on this platform as part of BFI Week.”
DeSalvo lives in Monticello, Arkansas, where she rides and ropes for Broken H Farms.
“The Lazy E’s been good to me,” Hope said. “I won first, second and third in this roping the first year the BFI moved here, in 2020.”
DeSalvo won the All-Girl Roping at the 2021 BFI in Reno with Jenna Johnson, and second with Hope T at the 2021 BFI Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl in Guthrie before working her way back to the winner’s circle with her great friend in 2022.
“Hope and I have a great friendship first,” Whitney said. “We’re really good friends, she rides a really good horse and we win. I’ve won more with Hope than anyone else, and there’s no pressure roping with her. We have fun, but we still take care of business. It just works.”
DeSalvo’s next roping goals?
“Logan Graham (who also was her BFI header this year) and I are going to try to make the Great Lakes Circuit Finals,” she said. “It’s also a goal to try and do better at the open ropings.
“I absolutely look forward to this roping. It being during BFI Week makes it even more prestigious. It just gives it a little bit cooler feeling, especially because the last couple years I’ve also entered The Feist.”
Who are these headliner women’s favorite ropers in the whole, wide world to watch?
“I always find myself watching Kaleb Driggers—the different horses he rides, and how his loops hit,” Hope said. “Lari Dee and I have gotten to talk to him about competing. Getting to ask him questions and getting his answers, then watching him put it into example is pretty cool.”
“Paul (Eaves) is probably my favorite to watch,” added Whitney. “I worked for him for a while, so I’ve gotten to watch his style a lot. I have a lot of respect for him as a person, and his work ethic. Paul has about as flawless a swing and position as anyone.”

Charlie 1 Horse All Girl Team Roping Results
Aggregate: 1. Hope Thompson and Whitney Desalvo, 30.78, $20,000. 2. Rylea Rae Fabrizio and Debbie Fabrizio, 38.64, $7,500. 3. Dana Markham and Courtney Crites, 39.84, $5,000. 4. Kylee Herrin and Jessy Remsburg, 40.86, $4,000. 5. Emily Gately and Rylie Smith, 41.94, $3,500. 6. Kayelen Helton and Lorraine Moreno, 42.16, $3,000. 7. Casey Warford and Kersti Passig, 43.27, $2,500. 8. Deb Raulerson and Danielle Lowman, 43.55, $1,750. 9. Utah Ward and Danielle Lowman, 44.34, $1,250. 10. Kylee Herrin and Lorraine Moreno, 45.70, $1,000.
First Round: 1. Lari Dee Guy and Annette Stahl, 6.89, $1,000. 2. Alex Loiselle and Becky Cannizzaro, 7.16, $800. 3. Lari Dee Guy and Whitney Desalvo, 7.68, $400
Second Round: 1. Morgan Sturgeon and Whitney Desalvo, 6.03, $1,000. 2. Sarah Angelone and Rylie Smith, 6.06, $800. 3. Cadee Williams and Kim Grubbs, 6.11, $400.
Short Round: 1. Kelsey Barry and Jessica Johnson, 8.48, $1,000. 2. Utah Ward and Rylie Smith, 10.57-second run, $800.
Incentive: 1. Kersti Passig and Lenay Willie, 27.42, $7,500. 2. Utah Ward and Danielle Lowman, 28.88, $3,500. 3. Deb Raulerson and Chelsey Bushnell, 28.92, $2,500. 4. Carly Wett­laufer and Ruby Magnus, 34.12, $1,500.