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   CERES, CALIF. – Diamond Bar Arena played host to a roping event in memory of Cody J. Anthenien, who was tragically killed in an auto accident in 2009. His family was honored to put on the event to help keep his memory alive. The team roping, breakaway roping and calf branding was produced by Eric Cozzitorto the weekend of April 30th-May 2nd.
Saddles were awarded to high money winners Casey Hayes and Joe Robinson. Joe graciously donated his saddle to Cody Anthenien’s nieces and nephews knowing how much that would mean to them. There was not a dry eye in the house after Joe’s generous gesture.
   The weekend started with with a $2,500 added breakaway roping along with a junior average. Winners were Liz Hirdes and Sage Stadtler.
Results for the weekend follow, payoffs are per man:
#10 Hdcp: $50
1st go: 1. Mike Tighe and Will Cowden, 5.11, $240. 2. Blake Teixeira and Will Cowden, 5.13, $180. 3. Casey Hayes and Mike Christensen, 6.57, $120. 4. Hank Brown and Joe Robinson, 6.84, $60.
Average: 1. Casey Hayes and Andy Holcomb, 26.12, $910. 3. Layton Oswald and Blair Wheatley, 30.78, $750. 3. Layton Oswald and Cody Cowden, 31.03, $590. 4. Blake Teixeira and Cody Cowden, 31.78, $435. 5. Ryan Bettencourt and Joe Robinson, 330.7, $280. 6. Pierce Wold and Will Cowden, 36.32, $155.
#8.5 Hdcp: $50
1st go: 1. Cody Price and Daniel Green, 5.34, $280. 2. CR Wilken and Lane Wheeler, 5.43, $210. 3. Juan Ramirez and Gavin Cardoza, 5.49, $140. 4. Chase Helton and Layton Oswald, 5.50, $70.
Average: 1./2. split: Taylor Bennett and Daniel Green and CR Wilken and Lane Wheeler, 28.73, $860 each. 3. Casey Hayes and Will Cowden, 30.17, $615. 4. Pierce Wold and Gavin Cardoza, 31.19, $455. 5. Taylor Bennett and Will Cowden, 31.93, $290. 6. Seth Mielke and Rick Fausone, 32.73, $165.
#7.5 Hdcp: $40
1st go: 1. CR Wilken and Clay Ruiz, 5.50, $300. 2. Ryan Bettencourt and Chase Helton, 5.73, $225. 3. Chase Helton and Will Cowden, 5.91, $150. 4. Clay Ruiz and Daniel Green, 6.33, $75.
Average: 1. Clay Ruiz and Joseph McCurley, 24.13, $905. 2. Blair Wheatley and Will Cowden, 4.47, $750. 3. Kyndall Green and Rigo Estrella, 24.84, $590. 4. Russ Piazza and Rigo Estrella, 25.73, $435. 5. Joseph Pedota and Ryan Williams, 27.12, $280. 6. Eli Green and Layton Oswald, 28.29, $158.
#6.5 Hdcp: $40
1st go: 1. Russ Piazza and Colt Piazza, 6.24, $300. 2. Peter Hauselman and Dillon Almason, 6.40, $225. 3. Kanoa Ruiz and Joe Robinson, 6.87, $150. 4. Kyndall Green and Dillon Almason, 6.99, $80.
Average: 1. Kanoa Ruiz and Joe Robinson, 23.71, $915. 2. Leslie Davenport and Joe Robinson, 24.37, $755. 3. George Mielke and Tristen Luther, 27.73, $600. 4. Russ Piazza and Rigo Estrella, 27,87, $440. 5. Bob Carey and Conner Nighman, 28.05, $285. 6. Kyndall Green and Dillon Almason, 29.77, $160.
#4.5 Hdcp: $30
1st go: 1. Anthony Basso and Ward Piazza, 7.53, $120. 2. Ward Piazza and Rhett Wells, 7.54, $90. 3. Sean Wells and Vernon Green,8.16, $65.
Average: 1. Ellie Fannon and Ben McGuire, 44.68, $385. 2. Cody Montgomery and Clay Ruiz, 17.02 on two, $320. 3. Logan Weatherby and Vernon Green, 18.61, $255. 4. Anthony Basso and Ward Piazza, 19.23, $190. 5. Kyndall Green and Colt Piazza, 21.07, $130.

#10.5 Handicap Roping winners were Andy Holcomb and Casey Hayes.

Taylor Bennett and Daniel Green won buckles for the #8.5 Roping.

Andee Anthenien and Eric Cozzitorto present buckles to the breakaway winners, Sage Stadtler, junior and Liz Hirdes, open.

Casey Hayes was a saddle winner at the Cody J. Anthenien Memorial Roping. The Cozzitorto family presenting.

Clay Ruiz and Joseph McCurley were buckle winners at the Anthenien Memorial. Presenting are Cody’s sister Andee and parents, Carrie and Dale.

Joe Robinson and Kanoa Ruiz were the winners of the #6.5 Handicap Roping.