• Carl Norris Memorial Barrel Race & Team Roping

    August 13th was a day to remember Carl Norris in Fallon, Nevada. Pictured are team roping buckle winners John Goforth and John W. Miller. Presenting are Terri Campbell, Lynda Norris and Lyndsay Sowden. Click photo for complete story.

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  • Cody Stewart & Jake Young, Jr. Are High Money Winners

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  • Wildwood Productions' Ropings Throughout NorCal

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By Terri Campbell
Special To Ropers Sports News

FALLON, NEVADA – August 13, 2022, will be a day that many won’t forget as friends and family came together to remember one of the best men that God put on this great earth, Carl Norris.
  The day started with a team roping in the beautiful new  Rafter C Indoor Arena. With over 400 teams signing up and vying for the cash and 20 buckles. The roping saw people who had not roped in years compete as everyone wanted to win a Carl Norris Memorial Buckle. Buckle winners included John Bell, Rob Goings, Bruce Corkilss, Stix Lee plus many, many more. I know that John and Rob have not been jackpotting in a while, but knowing Carl all of their lives, it was important to them to rope for him.
  The Carl Norris Memorial Open 4D Barrel Race (with no entry fees) was going on in the outdoor arena while the team roping was in the indoor arena. 100 entries vied for a chance to win the 20 buckles that were awarded.
  The Norris family made numerous trips to the Reno Airport to pick up additional family and friends who came to town for the event. I personally mounted five barrel racers on my horses (I only have three horses and two barrel racing saddles) and it was a struggle to accommodate everyone, but we got it done. Carl always told me to ride good minded and broke horses. Thank goodness my three horses are just that as my cousins had not run barrels in 10 years and they needed to be safe. Because of our love for Carl, we made it happen. Four of the riders won buckles and two won checks, what a great day and a greater memory!
  Following the roping and the barrel race, everyone gathered in the indoor arena showroom where tables and chairs were set up. Everyone enjoyed visiting as well as the “open bar.”
My cousin, Diane Riggs, started  “Carl’s Celebration of Life” with one of the most beautiful eulogies that I have ever heard. What a unique life Carl lived. He was so brilliant, talented and strong. He was the glue that held our family together.
  After Diane’s speech, I told a few stories and read a poem that I had written about things that happened in my 50 years of life with Carl.
  Unfortunately, Bud and Jeanee Corwin, dear friends of Carl’s, were unable to attend but they sent a beautiful message about their years of friendship with Carl.
  Many other folks came up and spoke of their wonderful memories of Carl, what great friends he had.
  Our family would like to thank the more than 300 people that celebrated this special day with us. The food and drinks were great and many bags of peanut M&M’s were consumed in Carl’s honor.
  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my dad. How much I miss him, how much I loved him. I am truly a lucky person to have had him in my life for 50 years.
  Lynda Norris and I, and Carl’s entire family, would like to give a sincere thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this event so special. Thank you to the ropers and barrel racers who came and competed. It meant so much to us that you all would take the time to come celebrate this day with us. Your words of kindness and comfort were so appreciated. We are so grateful for such a wonderful family and so many friends. Thank you again for sharing in the celebration of Carl’s life.
Results of the ACTRA team ropings follow:

#6 Hdcp P1/D2: 3 for $40
1st go: 1. Jim Estill and Carson Webb, 5.48, $135. 2. Travis Kincaid and Noah Williams, 5.90, $105. 3. Sadie Miller and Matt Hussman, 6.11, $75.
Average: 1. Travis Kincaid and John Bell, 23.30, $970. 2. Travis Kincaid and Noah Williams, 23.41, $800. 3. Sadie Miller and Clint Miller, 26.14, $715. 4. Darrel Norcutt and Robb Goings, 26.69, $590. 5. Randy Rogers and Zalin Arritola, 26.84, $465. 6. Heather Boegle and Grady Lommori, 26.96, $295. 7. Wes Tews and Bruce Corkill, 28.31, $210. 8. Jim Estill and Nico Hofheins, 28.87, $175.
#5.5 PICK OR DRAW: 3 for $40
1st go: 1. Travis Kincaid and Kenny Rhodes, 7.18, $100. 2. Troy Peek and Wyatt Peek, 7.38, $80.
Average: 1. Jack Lewis and Tom Moxley, 32.78, $730. 2. Stix Lee and Bruce Corkill, 33.69, $600. 3. Austin Phillips and Thomas Steele, 35.85, $440. 4. Austin Phillips and Nico Hofheins, 36.73, $290. 5. Casey Johnson and Thomas Steele, 41.18, $150.
#4 Pick Or Draw: 3 for $40
1st go: 1. Jaci Garijo and Matt Ourada, 9.00, $75. 2. Casey Johnson and Stix Lee, 9.21, $50.
Average: 1. Jaci Garijo and Cooper Hil, 34.17, $650. 2. Stix Lee and Clayton Hiibel, 34.94, $490. 3. John Goforth and John W. Miller, 34.97, $330. 4. Ken DeWitt and Doug Curtis, 36.41, $170.
1D: 1. Rori Fenner, Matts Fancy Playgirl, 18.091, $328. 2. Wendy Barrington, Cowboys Famous Fame, 18.05, $246. 3. Brandy Primm, FirewaterInTheSky, 18.180, $164. 4. Jordan Ernst, Generals Bets Moolah, 18.225, $80.
2D: 1. Patricia Quillan, Sister Strategy, 18.602, $281. 2. Anna Yaeger, Royal Swamp, 18.670, $211. 3. Anna Yeager, Freckles N Saleen, 18.747, $140.  4. Primm Sibson, Mitzer Disco Fame 37, 18.823, $70.
3D: 1. Noel Lambert, Spotlightz, 19.110, $187. 2. Sabra Steen, Kingsville Legacy, 19.118, $140. 3. Wendy Barrington, Ally Belle, 19.148, $93. 4. Eden Machabee, Groucho, 19.20, $46.
4D: 1. Paisley Solferino, Stella, 20.123, $140. 2. Gina Valceschini, Gold Streakin, 20.249, $105. 3. Terri Campbell, Roany, 20.280, $70. 4. Beth Webb, YU Diamond Special, 20.281, $35.
1D: 1. Brandy Primm, FirewaterInTheSky, 18.180, $135. 2. Lesa Ettinger, Gus, 18.307, $90.
3D: Merlin Jackson, Joaks Bold Bug, 19.466, $81. 2. Jeanette Stewart, BFF Tuck NFly, 19.776, $54.
4D: 1. Terri Campbell, Roany, 20.89, $54. 2. Beth Webb, YU Diamond Special, 20.281, $30.