• Carl Norris Memorial Barrel Race & Team Roping

    August 13th was a day to remember Carl Norris in Fallon, Nevada. Pictured are team roping buckle winners John Goforth and John W. Miller. Presenting are Terri Campbell, Lynda Norris and Lyndsay Sowden. Click photo for complete story.

  • Layton & Les Oswald Win Oakdale 10 Steer

    Layton and Les Oswald were the winners of the 2022 Oakdale 10 Steer average with 103.20 seconds on 10 to win $2,975 plus saddle certificates. Click photo for full story...

  • Cody Stewart & Jake Young, Jr. Are High Money Winners

    Cash Grandi (center), Sierra Valley Roping Club president, presents high money awards to Cody Stewart (left) and Jake Young, Jr. at the Steve Maddalena Memorial Roping August 6-7. Click photo for full story

  • Wildwood Productions' Ropings Throughout NorCal

    Labor Day Roping buckle winners for Wildwood Productions were Jason Krogue, Jake Young, Jr., Becky Moore, Justin Weber, Cash Worley and Alex Meroshnekoff. Willie Worley presenting. Click photo for full story.

  OAKDALE, CALIF. – The Oakdale 10 Steer was another great roping despite the heat. Ropers still came out to compete and support the oldest 10 Steer still going. The 10 Steer had 19 teams come back to the short round and 16 teams ended up catching all 10 with a “10 Steer” ball cap to prove it. The average winners were Layton and Les Oswald.
We had 50 dummy roping contestants with neat prizes in all three divisions (1st buckles, 2nd spur straps, 3rd ropes, 4th hats). All buckaroos received a goody bag filled with sunglasses, squirt guns (for the heat), bubbles, poppers, snacks and  candy.
  We hope to keep the added money for years to come to help draw the ropers to “the Cowboy Capital of the World.” We could not do any of this without our sponsors and the CTRA board. Our board open-handedly donates their time and energy to put on a successful family-friendly roping weekend. All generous sponsors provide funds for awards, giving the next generation a “swing” at a one-of-a-kind roping.
  Thank you to all our sponsors:
  Saddle sponsors: A.L. Gilbert, H-B Saloon, Masellis Drilling Inc, Stadtler family, Valley Ag Land Management, V7 Roping Cattle.
  Buckle Sponsors: Campfire Meats, Conlin Supply Co, The Cowboy Museum, Dan Dooley, Farmers Livestock, HCI Docks, Innovative Sales Inc, Les Schwab (Ripon), Mid Valley Ag, Oakdale Auto Dealer, Oakdale Feed & Seed, Plaza 131, Ralph Fagundes, Western Prime.
  Arena Sponsors: Alan Patrick Contractor, Bob Gomes Trucking, Cactus Wrangler, Escalon Feed & Supply, Family Vision Care, RJL Construction, 50’S Roadhouse.
  Dummy Roping Sponsors: Board of the Cowboy Museum, Cow Track Lounge, Cowhand Market, Rocky Cozzitorto, Mac Agostini, Gookin Ranch, Lana’s Spur of the Moment, Les Schwab (Oakdale), Rodin Farms, Sophie Lynn Jewelry, Jimmie Shawnego, Premier Equine Center, Progressive Dairy Solutions, Western Prime.
  Thank you to Liz Mount for taking photos.
Thurs., Sept. 1
Leo Camarillo Open Roping: 4 for $125, 21 teams
1st go: 1. Daniel Green and Kyle Lockett, 6.37, $375.
Average: 1. Daniel Green and Kyle Lockett, 32.83, $1,000. 2. Les Oswald and Kyle Lockett, 35.12, $660.
Fri., Sept. 2
#8.5 Century Hdcp: 4 for $100, 46 teams
1st go: 1. Landon Gill and David Gill, 7.17, $300.
Average: 1. Vern Serpa and Joe Robinson, 30.37, $1,350. 2. Hank Brown and Walt Rodman, 34.49, $800. 3. Billy Butler and Cody Cowden, 37.87, $540.
Phil Stadtler Memorial #7: 4 for $100, 155 teams
1st go: 1. Jake Harvey and Tanner Kent, 6.31, $760. 2. Cody Price and Mason Hicks, 6.60, $460. 3. Zane George and Kelvin Medeiros, 7.17, $300.
Average: 1. Wyatt Hammerstrom and Anival Guerrero, 31.94, $2,260. 2. Colt Piazza and Lane Wheeler, 34.44, $1,910. 3. Blake VanStavern and Blair Wheatley, 35.66, $1,560. 4. Brody Nelson and Lane Wheeler, 36.36, $1,215. 5. Ramiro Gonzalez and Eli Green, 36.70, $870. 6. Trey Camarillo and Jerold Camarillo, 38.76, $520. 7. Juan Ramirez and Billy Jay Aviles, 38.87, $350.
Ladies Breakaway Roping: 3 for $125, 44 entries
Average: 1. Alissa Erickson, 8.38, $880 + Yeti sponsored by Bacigalupi’s. 2. Alissa Erickson, 8.77, $650. 3. Katrina Dugo, 8.89, $440. 4. Fallon Ruffoni, 9.48, $220.
Sat., Sept. 3
Mixed/Jr-Sr/Century #7 Hdcp: 3 for $50, 120 teams
1st go: 1. Colt Piazza and Joseph J. Shawnego, 5.10, $200. 2. Kelvin Medeiros and Todd Hampton, 6.33, $120. 3. Seth Mielke and Wyatt Hammerstrom, 6.36, $80.
Average: 1. Colt Piazza and Joseph J. Shawnego, 23.14, $1,020. 2. Kelvin Medeiros and Todd Hampton, 26.08, $845. 3. Colt Piazza and Layton Oswald, 27.06, $670. 4. Blake VanStavern and Todd Hampton, 27.49, $490. 5. Hank Brown and Joe Robinson, 30.59, $320. 6. Pete Corwin and Justin Ramos, 32.76, $175.
Sun., Sept. 4
Dummy Roping
Buckles to 1st, spur straps to 2nd, ropes to 3rd, and hats to 4th
6 & under: 1. Sadie Brown. 2. Kaden Gulley. 3. Les Hirdes. 4. Waverly McCurley.
7-9 yrs: 1. Shank Forzano. 2. Dylan Bourgeois. 3. Bodie Hirdes. 4. Shyanne Tighe.
10-12 yrs: 1. Mason Silva. 2. Wren McCurley. 3. Scott Sachav. 4. Leighton Musick.
Oakdale 10 Steer #8.5 Hdcp: 10 for $200
Fast time: Tanner Kent and Tucker Alexander, 5.30, buckles.
Youngest roper in the 10 Steer: Royce Musick, 9, buckle.
Average: 1. Layton and Les Oswald, 103.20 on 10, $2,975 per man + saddles. 2. Lane Lowry and Todd Hampton, 110.82, $2,380 + buckles. 3. Bo Bacigalupi and Kent Hirdes, 111.86, $1,700. 4. Tanner Kent and Joseph Shawnego, 119.27, $1,020. 5. Cutter Machado and Todd Hampton, 119.97, $425.